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Women in the Age of Aquarius

Women in the Age of Aquarius

Changes of the Ages

Continued from Age of Aquarius

In order for our new world to break through, we have to let go of structure, hierarchy and old beliefs.

This is hard for us women to do.

We fought for equal rights, we have a strong desire to thrive at work and home and the current framework allows us to fulfil those desires… to climb a metaphorical ladder.

I have had to learn this for myself. Up until last year I desired success and recognition. I dreamt of being on stage with spiritual leaders of our time and writing New York Times Bestsellers. I wanted to be apart of the change but I also wanted career success. There was an immense amount of masculine energy attached to my soulful purpose.

Of course, I didn’t know that at the time.

There is such a fine line between living in alignment to fulfil you purpose and pushing too hard for success.

I saw what I was doing locally as a stepping stone to where I wanted to go. To touch the lives across the world and to have a legacy of inspiring love and kindness. To make my mark.

Only late last year did I receive clarity around this. I could see that this desire wasn’t giving me fulfilment. It made me feel small. One to always fill a journal with goals for the new year,  last year I had one goal for 2020… not to have any goals.


To allow life to flow freely and see what happens. Without jamming my schedule with what I wanted to achieve I have found that what truly makes me happy is doing what I do minus the pressure to go further or harder. Just be all there. Content with exactly where I am every step of the way.

We have been taught to aim higher and be better. But the new age is about being yourself and being pretty dam happy about who that is. 

In order for us to break the chains of limitations, we have to let go of so much. But what we gain will fulfil those desires for deep success so much more than our current way of living.

All change hurts. All growth hurts… but that is the beauty and specialness of its nature.

I won’t bang on with all metaphors we have heard over and over… that the caterpillar is pained in the chrysalis before being transformed, the mother screams in agony before the elated joy of caressing her baby for the first time.. we know this tune. Before great beauty, is great pain.


Our pain is that of change emerging.



Women have so much to give in this time of transition. 

The masculine strong, sturdy and unmoving energy is such a gift. But as we face a time of great change, the energy of the ever flowing feminine needs to come forth.

The feminine is nurturing and flowing.

We wax and wane as the moon does and now is the time for us to celebrate who we are.

If we continue trying to be “masculine” and over-achieve, we will miss our birth right and opportunity to give to the journey and evolution of life. Similarly, if we continue to engage in games of comparison, jealousy and vanity we will also miss our opportunity to become all we are intended to be.

I have a strong belief that the feminine energy will light the way…

to create a path for our men and children to walk on toward a new world of balance, harmony and equality. Our masculine have the strength to protect and provide, our children have an understanding of the light we are moving toward but we are the ones that need to pave the way.

Our ability to connect intuitively needs to be trusted and followed.

But we have to let go of how we were working on our successes. We have tried to “join” the men in how we approach our careers, but that doesn’t work. Men can be driven and focused but have a pack mentality. When women try this method of drive we can become cunning as we do not have “watch the back of the troops” engrained in us.

We have to let go of seeing other women as objects to compare ourselves to and remember that together, we are much stronger.

And when we do this, our world will shift.

When we remember our differences are what make us strong, we can embrace who we are and allow our strengths to shine.


Big love sisters xo


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