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Diggin’ Your Dark Side

About the Book

► This book is for anyone who has experienced trauma that has not been healed, depression that has stolen joy, purpose that has been lost and for the carer who has watched their loved one get lost in the darkness.


► Melinda’s story and passion for helping others will inspire you to find yourself and realise how magical you really are.


► You could have dabbled with the dark side for ten days or ten years this book has powerful tools to elevate you into the most loved up and joyful place creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Feeling like you have lost your purpose is terrifying.

Feeling disconnected to your life and loved ones for reasons unknown to you
can take you to a ledge that you may not come down from.

This is the grim reality of depression.

There is no stone left unturned, from nutrition, exercise, meditation, healings, self-love and the pure joy of laughter you will find the right practises to bring you back to the peaceful being you truly are.

► Life should have been blissful for Melinda but her past was haunting her. Through a journey of healing her heart from the loss of her son, forgiving her sexual abusers and working tirelessly to overcome the internal self-loathing she found a place where the darkness could no longer hold its power over her heart and her life.


► Melinda shares her battles with depression and suicidal thoughts with rawness and authenticity. The story unfolds keeping you engaged at every juncture as she shares the tools and techniques she used to get down from the ledge and into a loving and joyful place.

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