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Grab Diggin' Your Dark Side, The Natural Path, and Becoming

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Lisa was loved by everyone who knew her. Charismatic, successful and completely devoted to her family and friends. But what happens to this life she's created when a tragic accident rips her from all she knows and loves? What she thought to be real becomes distorted as she learns life's true meaning.


Diggin' your dark side


Feeling disconnected to your life and loved ones for reasons unknown to you can take you to a ledge that you may not come down from. This is the grim reality of depression. This book is a message of hope for the times you feel you don't belong.

The Happy Diet


The Happy Diet is a recipe book filled with the most delicious and nutritious easy-to-make recipes that you can do in your home. This book is intended for people to still enjoy the pleasures of food but with a healthy twist.

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The Natural Path


The Natural Path is your guide to using natural remedies at home assisting with minor ailments such as headaches, sinus, stomach bugs, PMS, nasty hangovers and more!


Corporate Wellness


Wellness is a reference booklet to be kept in the office for staff members and managers alike to learn the benefits of keeping healthy & fit with productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace.