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Little Life Lessons


This too shall pass, no feeling is final, no situation stagnant. 

Common Sense

Grounding really helps to find common sense.


Knowledge + Action + Wisdom. Learn, then do.


When you blame outward, you take the attention away from yourself.

Learning How to Fight

Fueling the fire will never put it out so just let it burn and enjoy the warmth


Leave Space For What Matters

When you say YES to something, you say NO to something else

You're the centre of your world

You create a wave of energy that flows out to others. Heal yourself, and heal the universe

Inspiration Vs. Motivation

Motivation is formed by chemicals in your brain, but inspiration just needs you to tune in to inner wisdom.



Run at 80%

This one has really helped us keep our calm and leave space for the unpredicted nature of life 

Gentle Approach

Allowing a message to come from nature, sounds a bit whacky hey ! But nature teaches us a lot, when you think about it more deeply.

Self Acceptance

When we let go of comparison we begin to learn more about our true self, and realise that we are our own perfect.


Nothing but love and compassion comes from the soul, so when other things pop up, it's time to reconnect.

Healing and my experiences

A little longer so get a cuppa and relax whilst you listen. I share my experience with healing and how you can be your own healer.

Suffering and Acceptance

How much of your time do you spend in 'self-inflicted' suffering? Find acceptance in the situation and all will be better.

Don’t be so serious

Are you sick and tired of felling frustrated? Are you taking the little things in life too seriously? Take a breath, have a laugh and don't take yourself so seriously.

Giving is how we receive.

Next time you are doing just another everyday task, like cooking dinner for your family, take the time to notice you are giving.

A commitment to yourself.

Growth is inevitable when you see life this way.

How to calm your farm.

A little mantra I use and a nice practical little life lesson for you today

Balancing Body Chemicals

Learn to balance the chemicals in your body for a healthier, happier you.

Dealing with Kids and Love

Create an environment where your children are surrounded with people who will nurture them.

Healing and my experiences

A little longer so get a cuppa and relax whilst you listen. I share my experience with healing and how you can be your own healer.

Don't beat yourself up.

Instead of getting frustrated your PD tools aren't working, try these simple tools to get you back to your heart pronto.

Have someone that triggers you?

Your mastered inner zen is pushed to an emotional outburst? Learn why this person is a worthy opponent and your best opportunity for self awareness and growth.

What Is The Pain body?

When we blame thought, we sometimes make it worse for ourselves as we try to attach a thought or situation to the feeling. Sometimes it truly is just a feeling you need to let go of.

When Things Hit The Fan

Handling all the different situations and struggles in your life can be hard, so learn how to make it easier.

Stuck in your comfort zone?

What is going on for you and how to get yourself achieving what your heart desired.

One Thing You Can Change

What's the one thing you can change that will change everything, for the better.

Depression is a Gift

I've learn't to see depression a new way, and before you get triggered by this, please hear me out.

Covid Clarity

Stop and take a break to see if your on the right path for you.

Start With Why

To be successful you have to start with why.

Adrenal Fatigue

Learn to stop yourself from slipping into adrenal fatigue.


Animals are a beautiful way to nurture and nourish yourself, and they can help to bring you down to earth xo

Fight, Flight or Freeze

Showing people that you care during a difficult time, as well as checking up on them as time goes on is so important.

Spiritual Practice

When kicking habits, beating addictions and trying to make change, it is so important that you continue with your spiritual practice.