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Meet Melinda

Naturopath, Author, Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach, Speaker, Reiki Healer, Entrepreneur and Mama & Step-Mama to Six Children

Thanks for stopping by to get to know me.

It is hard to see yourself past the GIRL.

A girl that grew up on the rough side of Sydney, who had her fair share of heart breaks and big mistakes.

I am like all the other women out there that felt insecure as a teen, trying to find my way through the crowds and looking for confidence in all the wrong places... I mean ALL the wrong places. Drugs. Sex. Partying. Body image. Boys.

That was me. Sound familiar?

I wandered the earth with no more than a backpack from the age of 17, knowing there was more to life, but struggling to put my finger on what it was. I was searching. I read enlightened books, investigated religions and philosophy and spent time reflecting in nature for the answers.


But the party scene kept finding me and off I would go back into another spin of wild nights and groggy days.


Whilst living in a van in Whistler with my fiance, true intervention occurred. I fell pregnant unexpectedly and that was the pivotal life changing moment I needed.

To know the love of a mother for her child. 

My little Braith showed me what I had been searching for...

love. connection. and the biggest learning was knowing that giving is far better than receiving. 

My baby didn't stay with me for long. His little life was 7 1/2 months short and he broke my heart when he left me... but he also healed it.


This little miracle came to teach me how to love beyond comprehension.

I had two precious boys shortly after, Oska and Banjo who continue to light up my world and teach me daily.

I have seen the dark days of divorce, embraced being a single Mama, given my heart to a man who I adore (and challenges me significantly) and became a step-mum to his 3 children.

I've suffered severe depression on and off for the past 6 years, all whilst trying to support my family as we grieved the loss of my eldest step son in early 2020.

Man it has been an  intense ride, but I wouldn't change a thing

My family have my heart, while my work is my calling.


My education in fitness, natural medicine, nutrition and reiki healing were beautiful blessings to understand the physical and metaphysical worlds.


But my biggest teacher has been my life experiences.

All the lemons life has served me have made me more convicted to help and share.

Studying from a text book has no meaning unless you can relate it to the human experiences of pain, suffering, joy and love.


After a career in health from the age of 21, I knew I needed to do more. I needed to create my own space that saw the human experience as a holistic adventure.

I opened Redhead Wellness Sanctuary in 2016 with one purpose;

To create a space for the people

To humanise the wellness movement.


The Sanctuary was the next pivotal moment in my life. Creating something truly from the heart.

In 2017 I wrote my first two books; The Natural Path and Diggin' Your Dark Side. 

The Natural Path draws on my credentials as a Naturopath and Mama. Giving useful home remedies to families for the frequent ailments we can, for the most part, control with a natural approach.

Diggin' Your Dark Side was an absolute labour of love. Sharing my own personal encounter with depression, losing my son, sexual abuse and being swallowed up by society's expectation that ACHIEVING = BEING WORTHY.

Experiencing and overcoming depression has made me who I am today. Sharing the tools I learnt along the way is my way of giving back to our world.

And now you are all caught up! This is where I am today... fumbling about, trying to be of service where I can and being real.

My naturopathy consults, reiki healing sessions, coaching and workshops have all been developed from my formal education and life experiences.

I'm ready when you are.

Big love,

Melinda x

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