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Ultimate Consciousness

Ultimate Consciousness Download your Ultimate Consciousness chart here. This chart is a great reference piece for elevating your thoughts and emotions. Becoming more peaceful requires our constant awareness and choice to reach to feel better in each moment. This chart is a tool used in BECOMING coaching and healing series and referred to in our podcast on fearlessness. For access to the podcast simply sign up for our next Becoming class.

Women in the Age of Aquarius

Women in the Age of Aquarius Changes of the Ages Continued from Age of Aquarius In order for our new world to break through, we have to let go of structure, hierarchy and old beliefs. This is hard for us women to do. We fought for equal rights, we have a strong desire to thrive at work and home and the current framework allows us to fulfil those desires… to climb a metaphorical ladder. I have had to learn this for myself. Up until last year I desired success and recognition. I dreamt of being on stage with spiritual leaders of … Read More

The Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius Changes of the Ages My thoughts are constantly being drawn towards women; Our evolutionary relationship to ourself, the earth and men. To really understand women’s evolutionary relationship with self, each other and our families, we need to first understand the evolutionary relationship earth has with the universe.   We are in the transitional phase between the Piscean and Aquarian ages. The ages of the Zodiac are an astrological age, which occurs because of a real motion of Earth. This movement is referred to as the precession of the equinoxes. The cycle of precession lasts 25,800 years … Read More

Signs From The Universe

Sign From The Universe She speaks to you always… the only thing you need to do is  listen. I had the most amount of fun writing the latter chapters of my book. The first six chapters were essential but were based on the harder situations I faced; losing a child, sexual abuse, addictions and working hard to get my health back, Then I got to relive the joy of receiving my signs, finding peace within my heart and healing as I wrote the second half of the book.  I want to share with a little story from my book, Diggin’ Your Dark Side. Where … Read More


Addictions One of the hardest things to break is our habits Your brain loves patterns, so creating new ones takes time I share a story about my experience with food and alcohol in my book Diggin’ Your Dark Side, here is a sneak peak for you… Excerpt – Diggin’ Your Dark Side Chapter Four; As a baby, I could not drink my mother’s milk. I was placed on a soy formula from birth as I was intolerant to dairy as well. This intolerance waxed and waned throughout my life. An unhelpful intolerance to have when chocolate is your taste buds’ … Read More

Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror Do you feel different to how you look? The mirror and photos of me show a different person to how I feel, how is that so? How many of us feel this way? We have a version of ourselves casted firmly in our minds. Who we are, what we look like, how others see us… How often is our internal reflection identical to the projection of ourselves we cast out? Not often is my guess.    As women, we have the “perfect woman” in our minds that we compare ourselves too. Everyones make believe woman is different based … Read More

No One Can Hurt You

No One Can Hurt You   Once you open yourself up to hearing the whispers of your intuition, it starts to appear everywhere. Guiding you to find the answers to your internal struggles. A life transforming lesson for me, when I finally listened was this; No One Can Hurt You, Only You Can Hurt Yourself   I am sensitive, like so many of us these days. I can feel the energy of a person before I see them and I am easily impacted by someone else’s mood.   You get that too?   This is a little bit of a … Read More

Conviction of Who You Are

Conviction of who you are There’s one thing I notice consistently amongst people I love and look up to. It is also a trait found in people whose ideas I don’t necessarily agree with, but I have respect for their virtue… It is a complete conviction of their truth. The most powerful influencers are unashamed of who they are. Finding comfort in your own skin. Owning your ideals and values, sharing them with passion and conviction and never hesitating that your truth is worth sharing. That is all it takes to shine your radiance on this earth.   Many years … Read More

2AM Meditation

I am currently sat overlooking the tranquil waters of Noosa, holidaying and getting away from the hustle. With the fresh clarity escapism provides I have pondered over life as it is… Last year was challenging and I had hoped the new year would of brought with it more peace but this year has been tougher for me on a personal level, I am grateful for the challenges as it shows me what I have yet to learn (and accept)… that patience and commitment are key to any growth but F-me it has wiped my energy at times and I have … Read More

Manifest like a Mo’ Fo

Manifest like a Mo’ fo A little story… I created myself a mind movie, which is a modern-day vision board. On it, I have an image and words, Fly first class. I am not a materialistic person. I don’t care for possessions but I do like comfort and experiences – that is more my thing. I also have a terrible track record with flying. In 2002 I was flying home from Canada, 3 months pregnant with my first child. My fiancé stayed longer to enjoy the rest of the snowboarding season that the morning sickness had made unenjoyable for me … Read More