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Top Seven Tips For a Bangin’ Bod

We can be as spiritual and self-accepting as all heck but one thing that is the crème on any dream is to have a body you feel comfortable, confident and sexy in.

It may be a little counterintuitive to take hot bod tips from a size 12 gal that hasn’t shifted her excess weight gain the last few years but give me a sec to explain why that qualifies me to help…

Us ladies can be divided into four groups (in my humble opinion) when talking bodies.

1. The Goddesses

The Goddesses are those gorgeous women who came out of the womb with an hour glass figure and firm biceps. They think fat is having one little roll perch itself above their jeans when they fold their petite little frames in half. They have no idea. These women can eat carbs, skip the gym and look the same. Goddesses can be quite insensitive to the battles of other women because they have not experienced it themselves which is fair enough.

2. The Skinny Fats

The skinny fats are those joyful fun-loving women who have petite frames and a fine bone structure but if you tickle them, their body wiggles about for a few hours after. The frame is small but the fat stores are large. They usually have poor posture due to low muscle density.

3. The Trudges

Ah the trudges, I belong in this category so I am little bias to this group. We are the ones who are chubby at heart, we look at our man friend eating a pie and we gain a kilo but when we have smoothies for breakfast, the amazon for lunch and no carbs at all we can get down to our ideal body weight as long as we exercise from the moment we open our eyes until we lay down at night. It is exhausting but it can be done. These ladies usually have great work ethic… because they have to.

4. The F**ed

And finally, there is the F**ed. Sorry ladies, but let’s call a spade a spade shall we. These ladies need a hug. Their desire for food is unbearable. Their ability to self-motivate is minimal and when they finally do get a thread of inspiration, they have a catastrophic event take place such as injury or emotional turmoil that sends them straight back to the couch with a donut. These ladies do not seem to catch a break.

If you take advice from a Goddess, it is unlikely you will get results because that is like asking a Prince how to make money… that guy was born into it, and although he may have some nous around investing, he doesn’t understand the core essence as he started at a higher vantage point to the average bear… get my drift? However, if you ask a self -created billionaire the secrets to financial success, you are going to learn true strategies because that man did the work. He learnt the lessons, fought the battles and conquered it all.

So, when you see those Goddesses showing you their little work out regimes, hit like and move on because that will probably not work for you unless you have found the switch to cross over to the Goddesses – and you most certainly can change categories but this is a topic for a book, not a quick article… (keep your eye out for my new book to go deeper) So here are my top tips for getting that bangin bod.

Accept where you are at

Come from a place of self-acceptance. One of the reasons the last category struggle is because they beat themselves up for where they are and arenot at peace with their body. When we come from self-loathing your body feels it (yes I am getting all woo woo on you). We create dis-ease and injury when we do not unite with and love all parts of ourselves.
This is tip one because it is the most important. Lovingly accept yourself in this moment.

Get help

Even if you know what to do, you need someone on your team. It could be a personal trainer, a mentor, a gym buddy, wellness coach, naturopath or nutritionist – it doesn’t matter who it is, they just need to be willing to call you on your crap, inspire you and help you stay accountable.

Understand it isn’t energy in verse energy out

This theory is ridiculous and very out dated. Please do not apply this formula as you will fail (unless you are a Goddess and some skinny fats). There is more to us than this. Inflammation, genetics, epigenetics, oxidative damage, genetic mutations and a myriad of unique conditions play a role in your results. It is critical you follow this idea instead;

I am the number one expert on ME. I have the highest qualification, most amount of experience and education on all things ME.

Nobody knows you like you. Your help is there to support you but you need to learn to trust yourself and follow your own intuition… not your laziness, not your excuses – your true self. The one who can see the solutions to all your problems that is always there to help, you just need to ask, be still and listen to the answers.

Create a Plan of Attack

Create a realistic plan to make lifestyle changes that support the person you want to be. Share it with your support person or have your support person write it up for you. Map out goal posts to reach and timeframes to do it in for direction and to show yourself you are serious. Make it bite size. Don’t make 20 changes in two days, that won’t last. Get one or two habits nailed, then keep going. Slow and steady wins the longevity race.

Make it a priority

This is the hardest part. Keeping your goal as your number one priority, especially when you have a career and /or a family. Choose you every time. Trudgers and the F**ed will find this tough as we have so many limiting beliefs about ourselves we have to conquer first. But when we do, we are unstoppable. Remind yourself in every moment that being your best self means showing up for others on a whole new level. When you keep focusing on how much this helps those around you it makes it easier to persevere.

Follow a Basic Nutrition and Exercise Plan

It is always a good idea to start with a detox. The Happy Diet – a free downloadable eBook on my website is also a great start. Reset the body and then continue to eat as close to this as possible thereafter. You may need advice and tweaks from an expert if you are not getting results within four weeks. You also need a well-balanced fitness routine. Mix up cardio, long walks, core, yoga and strength work to fit in your schedule and as per the above tip, make it a priority. A non-negotiable item on your to do list.

Be Your Number One Supporter

And finally, cheer yourself every step of the way. Give yourself pats on the backs and rewards along the way to tap into that pleasure reward system within. Your reward shouldn’t be a dozen donuts or a bottle of wine of course, maybe a massage or spa treatment or healthy lunch out with your girlfriends. Create a mantra you repeat to yourself like, I am effortlessly thin, fit and fabulous. Be your number one fan.

Our body, mind and spirit all need to be on board, you need to be focused and clear on what you want so the message is clear to all parts of you. This topic is deep, complex and has many contributing factors. Sometimes a little article such as this is all you need and other times you need more so please don’t ever regard yourself as a failure if you are at one of those points in life that you need extra TLC and education. Remember step number one, accept where you are or you will give up on yourself too quickly.
Keep your eye out for my latest book coming soon, if you want to be apart of the pilot and research group email for more information.

Good luck ladies, you have got this!

Big love xo

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