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Underestimating The Simple Things

The Simple Stuff Matters

Whenever I get my simple health routines back into swing I always question how I let them slip away in the first place. Especially considering I feel so dam good when I ensure my self care rituals are a priority to fit into my day.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I find that I go through wellness warrior phases where I am on fire with self care rituals and then a few months later, I think “Oh dam, I haven’t gone for a walk after my morning meditation and yoga in ages” or “I haven’t dry brushed in yonks”

Even in my marriage. We had a really great thing going on where we would have date night every week and once a month one of us would create a super date experience, something unique and special… it was fun and exciting.

It all slipped away when we had a busy couple of months, followed by a getaway and the routine was forgotten. 

I mentioned to Glen the other week, we need to get back onto that, it really helped us feel light and fun. Cause you know, married / family life can sometimes feel heavy and riddled with responsibility.

Usually the culprit is illness, busyness, holidays or slack arse phases. 

So I want to help you (and me) create a way to get back on that, I matter most, wagon when we fall off it.

Flick The Switch…

A few things we can do to get back on track after a little visit to I don’t care-ville

  • If you are going away, set an alarm or reminder on your device 3 days after you return (give yourself time to settle back in) to resume your usual self care regime. The thing is, you may want to make excuses as to why you don’t have time or have no energy etc. Just listen to those excuses and counter balance them with reasons why you should get back into [insert your routine here]


  • Make it simple. Example; I am trying to get my strength back after 6 months of inconsistent exercise. I am not going to set myself up for failure and expect myself to be able to dive back into my old routine. I have made my movement goal achievable, and when it feels natural again, I will keep adding to it… I started with;
    • Close all Activity rings on my watch each day
    • 3 x outdoor walks a week (at least one of these needs to be over an hour)
    • 2 x Strength workouts a week
    • Pilates & Yoga (as much as I like)

Now this is feeling good, I am adding an extra strength session and a cardio session (my least fav) to my week. Nice little bite sizes.


  • Be Consistent. Once you restart your routine do your best to make it a habit again. Consistency is key here. But I do need to stress, also be kind. Make sure it feels good. There is no point torturing yourself. Self care should feel good. If it doesn’t, maybe reconsider what you are doing.
relaxing bath

Do What Feels Good, The Rest Will Fall In Place

Once you love what you do, it makes it easier to keep going.

Make your self care rituals all about feeling good. Included in my weekly to do’s is a bath. I like to read or watch an online course whilst soaking in the tub. I also have massage on my list, meditation, yoga, journalling, reading and catching up with friends.

All stuff I love. This is caring for myself. 

I think we underestimate the importance of the simple stuff so often. When we feel good, when we feel like life isn’t one big boring wheel we keep spinning on just trying to survive, we have a stronger immune system. Our mental health is also supported and our outlook on life is positive.

If we all took more time, just a little each day to smell the roses. To nurture our body, relationships and soul… then we would all feel so much better. Less illness, less stress and way more fun.


Big love to you today my loves.


Melinda xo



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