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Freedom vs. Abstinence

Click here for the video version Freedom vs. Abstinence   What is the point of life?   Is it to spend your time refraining from all the things that give you pleasure or have freedom, a feeling that you’re not attached (addicted) and can choose what brings you joy in each moment?   It all comes down to a healthy mindset (and in the fine print, your spiritual connection)   If you crave it, you’re attached   If you need it, you’re attached   If you can’t control yourself and need to abstain completely, you have not given yourself freedom … Read More


Click here for the video version Fasting… The Fast Track to Health & Weight Loss Fasting is more than a fad. The yogis have fasted for thousands of years as do many religions worldwide. It’s known for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. There are different forms of fasting from intermittent to longer bouts of rest from food.   Believe it or not, the longest fast recorded is 382 days!   I don’t promote this style of fasting, it’s beyond my paygrade to educate about safety for longer fasts. This is usually a spiritual journey and would need to be … Read More

Brain Health

Got Brain Fog, Memory Issues, or Mood Disorders? How’s Your Brain Health?  I think the importance of brain health is overlooked. Avoiding the nastiness of dementia, depression, poor memory, and cognition should be a pretty big priority. And although we’re onto the gut and hormone’s role in these conditions, we don’t seem to be working directly on brain function enough. I think it’s important to note, that hormones start in the brain and your brain is a major part of your nervous system. These messenger systems create all the actions in our body, so optimal health of a vital organ … Read More

5 Ways to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Wigged out moods, low energy, slow metabolism and sugar cravings may be caused by an imbalance in your hormones. These little chemical messengers play a huge role in our overall health. So, what is a hormone? The word hormone means to ‘set in motion’ and that’s exactly what they do. Your hormones are tiny molecules that are transported around your body and act as a blueprint to regulate your physiology and behaviour. And, I think we can all relate to feeling not ourselves, right? Thank you hormones. They control most bodily functions from simple things like hunger to the more … Read More

Four Excellent Ways to Use Essential Oils

The essential oil craze has hit us. Everybody is getting into these power punch home remedies that not only work, they smell good and set the scene for your home; whether it’s using frankincense for meditation, diffusing the joyful blend to uplift your home or dabbing lavender for itches. Essential oils enhance your body’s gifted ability to heal itself without seriously harming it. Pretty cool.  I was in the “Do they really work that well?” camp myself when first introduced to them so I completely get the hesitations people have around them, it is just an oil right!? Nope, oils … Read More

Underestimating The Simple Things

The Simple Stuff Matters Whenever I get my simple health routines back into swing I always question how I let them slip away in the first place. Especially considering I feel so dam good when I ensure my self care rituals are a priority to fit into my day. I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I find that I go through wellness warrior phases where I am on fire with self care rituals and then a few months later, I think “Oh dam, I haven’t gone for a walk after my morning meditation and yoga in ages” or … Read More
Cold and Flu Article

Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu

As you step outside and feel the cool breeze, you hold on your jacket to protect yourself from the chilly weather. However, due to a lot of factors, you still get sick or “catch the virus.” When this happens, you need to act fast. Together with proper hydration, rest and sleep, here are some natural solutions that can help you beat this sensational disease. Echinacea can do wonders in strengthening your immune system. Together with andrographis, it can quickly get rid of bacteria and common cold viruses as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Boost your immune system by increasing … Read More