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Indulge With the All-Natural Chocolate Easter Bunnies Recipe

We’re not done with our Easter special treats yet. Why? We want guilt-free holiday feasts. chocolate Easter bunny First, we’re breaking the myth that chocolate is unhealthy. Who said you can’t eat chocolate if you want to live healthy? It’s one of nature’s greatest gifts! This sweet treat is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so you stay youthful inside out. Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about this temptingly delish so-called “candy.” Please be mindful that the heating process of traditional chocolate kills off the health benefits listed below, these benefits are based on raw chocolate treats only;

It gives protection from free radicals which cause hastened aging to diseases due to the high antioxidant content. It even does a better job than tea. The darker the chocolate, the more antioxidants it has.

 Dark chocolate helps prevent cancer because of the abundance in flavonoids. They’re a type of compound found in all plants. The next time someone tells you to eat your veggies, you know a chocolate bar counts… well a dark chocolate or cacao bar anyway, this doesn’t apply to Mars bars.

 Research has proven there’s correlation between good heart health and increased chocolate consumption. There are different types of flavonoids and the ones present in chocolate are mainly flavanols which reduces the stickiness of platelets in the blood. Everytime you eat chocolate, you improve your blood circulation.

 Cocao helps improve cognitive function through the flavanols present in it as they increase blood flow to grey matter in the brain.

 Chocolate is good for blood pressure and blood sugar, as proven by science, with the condition of higher cocao content. Diabetics should always bring a bar of the dark kind.

When someone calls you out for eating a piece or two this Easter, you can drop them a trivia or two from this list. Better yet, why don’t you bring a whole platter of the chocolate goodness? We have the perfect idea, putting a healthier twist on the traditional chocolate bunny.   All-Natural Chocolate Easter Bunnies Recipe: 1½ cup cocao butter 3 cup raw cacao ½-¾ cup raw honey 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1 pinch of sea salt Melt the butter then gently pour in the honey, whisking it all the while. Add the raw cacao and vanilla extract then whisk again. Once it’s like pudding, transfer the mixture into bunny molds and freeze them for a few hours. You can adjust the amount of honey and vanilla according to how sweet you want your chocolate to be. We decided to keep this recipe simple so you can freely make it your own. Get crazy with it and add nuts like almonds or fruit. As a tip, the frozen ones are healthier compared to the fruit displayed on grocery shelves because flash freezing preserves their current state of ripeness. It’s almost like having them garden-to-table.   Like all good things, this treat has to be taken in moderation. We’re not writing this article so you have an excuse to binge but to let you know you have one more healthy choice than you think. Now you can tell all your friends and save them from a lifetime of chocolate denial. Imagine how surprised they’d be when they learn of this wellness secret?   Unhealthy blood sugar levels cause pancreas damage, hormone imbalance and cortisol imbalances. Enjoy your Easter worry-free and feeling great with a nutritious chocolate bunny! We’re not kidding. Click to find out how.

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