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Brain Health

Got Brain Fog, Memory Issues, or Mood Disorders? How’s Your Brain Health?  I think the importance of brain health is overlooked. Avoiding the nastiness of dementia, depression, poor memory, and cognition should be a pretty big priority. And although we’re onto the gut and hormone’s role in these conditions, we don’t seem to be working directly on brain function enough. I think it’s important to note, that hormones start in the brain and your brain is a major part of your nervous system. These messenger systems create all the actions in our body, so optimal health of a vital organ … Read More

Naturopathic Diet: The Diet You Might Need

Over the past years there has been tons of dietary plans that have sprung out. These plans range from slight changes in our eating patterns, along with the type of foods we consume, to extreme alterations like not consuming a certain amount of carbohydrates, only eating meat, etc. Though these diets were created with good intentions, the fact that it’s not suitable for everyone is simply undeniable. It’s understandable that you may feel disheartened, if you are someone whose body seems unable to adapt to these diet plans. However, it’s important to take note that there is nothing wrong with … Read More

B Vitamins are the bomb

B Vitamins are the bomb ~ ~ Vitamins are essential for the function of our body… so needless to say, all vitamins are important for us to consume. B Vitamins are one of those amazing group of vitamins that play so many vital roles in our system. ~ B’s are essential for your nervous system, genes, cellular energy and helps us utilise other important nutrients. They can really change a person’s energy levels when consumed in the right portions and can improve anxiety and conditions that create lethargy. So where can you find this amazing group of vitamins?? The below … Read More

Veggies Done Right

Vegetables are plants jam-packed with nutritional value. Not all like the the taste and would reach for the simplicity of pasta and get more of a kick from the high GI load if they went down the carb route. But… Veggies can be freaking amazing if you cook them right! And, they do not give you a FABY afterward.. BONUS. This is why we eat plants; Vegetables and Their Healthy Properties They provide our bodies with vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and are alkalising to our system. Veg is also naturally low in fat and has a low calorie intake, helpful … Read More

How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet Permanently

You feel a little low, you reach for a chocolate. You need an energy life so you carb up. PMS, well anything goes really, a good combination of all this and more. Sugar gives us a hit, let’s face it. Its little boost of dopamine and the rush of sugar in our blood makes us feel alive. But… there is always a but! In the long run sugar creates the opposite result we were after. It leads to all sorts of health problems including lethargy, obesity and diabetes.It is a tough one to get off but with alternatives to reach … Read More

Frozen Yogurt Recipe

A shortage of healthy alternatives to our timeless favourite holiday-special treats could actually be a good thing. You’ve got reason to get creative in the kitchen and experiment on ways to create delicious snacks. It’d be hard for you to resist bragging that you made them. Changing up a traditional recipe can mean completely transforming it or simply changing up the ingredients so it’s still your childhood favourite. If you’re short on time or want ideas on how you can experiment, we made these with you in mind. The thing about holiday treats is they’re extremely easy and quick to … Read More

Indulge With the All-Natural Chocolate Easter Bunnies Recipe

We’re not done with our Easter special treats yet. Why? We want guilt-free holiday feasts. First, we’re breaking the myth that chocolate is unhealthy. Who said you can’t eat chocolate if you want to live healthy? It’s one of nature’s greatest gifts! This sweet treat is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so you stay youthful inside out. Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about this temptingly delish so-called “candy.” Please be mindful that the heating process of traditional chocolate kills off the health benefits listed below, these benefits are based on raw chocolate treats only; • … Read More

Easy Recipe for Healthy Hot Cross Buns!

What would Easter be without hot cross buns? I personally have never gotten into them, but my kiddies love them. Before you give in to your cravings and sink your teeth into the sugar laden store-bought buns, try making one that doesn’t hurt your healthy streak. This recipe makes 10 so you’ve got more than enough to share! The tradition was said to have originated from an Anglican monk of the 12th century when he began the practice of marking buns with a cross to honour Good Friday. Soon, it became popular in England and versions of it began to … Read More

Tweak Your Favorite Recipes with Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

Whoever said too much of a good thing is bad wasn’t kidding. Take inflammation. It’s our immune system’s way of protecting the body from bacteria or viruses and it helps in healing injuries like a broken ankle. But when inflammation persists longer than necessary or if it gets too severe, our health can suffer horribly. In fact, many serious illnesses like heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease have been linked to chronic inflammation. The good news is you can protect your body from the negative effects of inflammation. One way to do this is by … Read More