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Frozen Yogurt Recipe

A shortage of healthy alternatives to our timeless favourite holiday-special treats could actually be a good thing. You’ve got reason to get creative in the kitchen and experiment on ways to create delicious snacks. It’d be hard for you to resist bragging that you made them. frozen yogurt Changing up a traditional recipe can mean completely transforming it or simply changing up the ingredients so it’s still your childhood favourite. If you’re short on time or want ideas on how you can experiment, we made these with you in mind. The thing about holiday treats is they’re extremely easy and quick to make. Switch the ingredients and you come up with something completely different or stick to the classic chocolate kind but add in a few other ingredients. We’ve decided to go for the ultimate healthy option and went for the no-bake yogurt kind.  

Why Yogurt?

It has the essentials. A single serving gives almost half of your daily recommended calcium intake as well as Vitamin B, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Some brands fortify theirs with Vitamin D too.

Yogurt prevents osteoporosis because of the Vitamin D and high calcium content. One cup contains half a gram of calcium while Vitamin D is needed for your body to absorb it.

 It also promotes digestion. The reason is in the good bacteria from the fermented milk. They’re called probiotics and are the same as ones we have in our stomach.

 It boosts our immune system. Yes, yogurt is rich in nutrients but the probiotics are the biggest player here. They’re known to help the body produce more antibodies which fight off diseases and infections. Probiotics have been proven to lessen inflammation, reduce the chances and seriousness of a cold, and treat certain type of vaginal infection.

 Yogurt strengthens your heart. Whole-milk products like this contain saturated fat which increase the body’s good cholesterol and lower high blood pressure. Confused? These claims are backed with scientific research.

To get optimum health, yogurt comes in varieties that fit people with different nutrition requirements. Before we get lost in detail and start to overload you with information, let’s save those for another day and get right on to making that party-stand-out dessert.  


3 cups Greek yogurt 2-3 tbsp honey ½ cup blueberries ½ cup strawberries Purée ¼ cup of the blueberries and set them aside. Do the same with half of the strawberries. Next, line a tray with a cookie sheet or parchment. Transfer the yogurt into the tray and mix in the honey. Drizzle the purée in to get a marble look. Top it with the remaining berries. Leave it in the freezer for 5-6 hours and voilà! You can add in more fruit, use other kinds for the puree or even replace it with matcha. Be creative with it. Let out your inner artist and chef!   We’re sure you’ll come up with genius ideas of your own but these recipes are deliciously good and guilt-free on their own.   When left unchecked for too long, high sugar levels can eventually lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Luckily, we have got your back once again, check out this awesome hot cross bun recipe with a low sugar twist!

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