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5 Ways to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

Wigged out moods, low energy, slow metabolism and sugar cravings may be caused by an imbalance in your hormones. These little chemical messengers play a huge role in our overall health. So, what is a hormone?

The word hormone means to ‘set in motion’ and that’s exactly what they do. Your hormones are tiny molecules that are transported around your body and act as a blueprint to regulate your physiology and behaviour. And, I think we can all relate to feeling not ourselves, right? Thank you hormones.

They control most bodily functions from simple things like hunger to the more complex systems such as reproduction and of course your mood & emotions. When your hormones are in perfect harmony they help you to thrive, but even the smallest imbalance within your hormones can cause major issues to your health and vitality.

What are the Signs of Hormonal Imbalance?

Short tempered and experiencing anxiety
Difficulty in sleeping
Excessive sweating
Blood pressure changes
Blood sugar concentration changes
Regular headaches
Blurred vision
Brittle and thinning of hair
Appetite changes
Unexplained fatigue
Rapid weight gain or weight loss

Dancing with an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the biggest triggers to hormonal imbalance. From lack of good quality sleep, unhealthy habits, lack of exercise to poor nutrition.

When you have the symptoms mentioned above, it is certain that your hormones are out of sync. To regain hormonal balance, you need to practice proper self-care and self-love. Take note that this is not a one-day process — it needs some time and consistency but feeling like YOU again is worth the changes required.

5 Ways to Balance Your Hormones Naturally

1. Get enough sleep.

Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining your health and hormonal balance. Important mental and physical functions are being carried out when you are asleep. According to research, we need to have around 6 - 8 hours of hibernation every night to be fully rested otherwise, our body is at risk of developing chronic health issues. Lack of sleep also leads to elevated cortisol levels which can create a cascade of effects on your health from obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, irritability, stress and other conditions that are not fun to experience.

If you want to understand good sleep hygiene, check out our article here.

2. De-stress

When we’re frazzled our stress hormones throw us in fight or flight which elevates our heart rate, blood pressure and makes our breath short, shallow and far from nourishing.
Stress is inevitable but how we deal with it is a choice. Remember that all challenges and frustrations are impermanent as are our emotional responses to them. Breathe through whatever you are going through and create nice little calming rituals for yourself.

For more tips on creating a calm disposition, click here.

3. Nurture your body with hormone-boosting nutrients

Eating foods rich in nutrients helps keep our hormones in balance. Where possible eat organic fruits and vegetables, organic grass fed meat, herbs, spices and food rich in magnesium and fiber. These foods aid in restoring the body, reducing cortisol levels, production of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone, as well as making you feel good both mind and body. Not only do these foods contain nutrients that help boost your hormones, these are foods that can make you happy too!

Food rich in Magnesium
Brewer’s yeast
Lima beans
Mineral water
Soy beans

4. Take time to exercise.

Been sitting on your desk looking through the monitor screen the whole day? Or perhaps you’ve been a couch potato doing nothing but watching netflix. Well sunshine, it’s time to move your booty. Regular exercise is not only amazing in producing our happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine and good old endorphins. Do you remember the famous quote from legally blonde 😉 “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy and happy people just don't shoot their husbands!” Elle Woods was right, regular movement helps fight chronic stress and makes you a happier, sparklier person to be around.

5. Limit alcohol intake.

Having too much to sip from the adult juice box can damage your liver and gut, as well as affecting the insulin resistance in your blood. It’s best to reduce or stop drinking alcohol, but if you struggle to do this, you can take steps to counteract some (please note the word SOME, not all) of it’s “not-so-good,” effects by eating a meal pack with healthy fats and protein. Other habits that are helpful are a glass of warm water with lemon to detoxify your system on waking, liver cleansing herbs, supplements and foods such as;
St Mary’s thistle
Dandelion root
Globe artichoke

It’s important that we take care of our hormones because if we do, our hormones will take care of us.

These suggestions will help you big time — along with a health care professional’s assistance — to bridge the gap and maintain hormonal balance. If you would like to learn more about balancing your hormones to harness a happy body from the inside out, join Melinda in one of her most popular workshops, ‘Hormone Rescue’,

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