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The Only Way to Control Your Life

We go through phases of life where we have to pinch ourselves. It feels too good to be true, things fall into place and sometimes even guilt creeps in, that maybe you are too lucky? 

And then there are those other times…

Where the challenges are coming in thick and heavy… you haven’t got over one  circumstance and BAM! In comes another. You may think, Why me? How can this be happening to me?

Why is life so hard but so beautiful?

That is what it means to be human. To know both. To experience the pitfalls and have the wins. To want to cry uncontrollably and to want to jump up and down with exhilaration.

For me, I have had more uncontrollable crying moments this year than the latter. But that is ok. Because there are many times it has been the opposite.

I am appreciating a subtle shift beginning to take place in my body, from drained, sad and heavy to connected, loved and inspired.

It is slow, but things are turning around

But how would I appreciate this if I didn’t have five months of emotional torture first? I couldn’t. My experiences of both are teaching me how to accept life for all it is, and to be resilient to what throws me off my feet.

Resilience is a bit of a buzz word for me right now

It comes to me when I feel over it. It pops into my mind when I feel heavy and out of control. Resilience is my best lesson so far this year.

I cannot change the storm, I cannot choose when it hits and I do not get to pick how others respond to it either.

I can’t control life

Such a hard thing for many of us to grasp.

I don’t even choose how my body responds to stress, it is written in my DNA.

All I get to do is take shelter, observe the storm, stay out of it’s volatility and try to reassure those around me that this too shall pass. 

The storm will trigger feelings within me that I can’t control. It will trigger physiological responses too… we are all different. For me, weight gain, excessive crying and a depletion of stress hormones is usually my symptoms. Yours will be unique to you too.

And as long as I accept I cant control this, that I need to let my responses run their course and leave me once I have processed than I will come out the other side faster than if I fought it.

I will be stronger than if I decided to run out into the storm, completely unprepared and tried to fight it away.

There is no magical rain dance. There is no way to push the lightning back into the sky… there is only resilience to see it through.

To weather the storm and let life be…


In this Collective I will give my thoughts on what it truly means to be resilient, how to be aware of your emotions and physiological responses without them taking over and most importantly, how to see the rainbow throughout it all.


Melinda xo

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