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Men Aren’t Hairy Women

Men Aren’t Hairy Women

Any of this sound familiar?? Can you guess which lines usually come from him and which are from her?

‘You don’t spend enough time with me’

‘You work too much’

‘What’s the difference, you said get sauce, and I did that. How can sauce be wrong’

‘I know I said I don’t want a birthday present but I thought you’d still get me something little’

‘I can’t do anything right, can I?’

‘I just saw you checking her out, seriously, I’m right here?’

‘Stop nagging me’

Let’s uncover why there’s this theme amongst couples of misunderstanding.

The best one liner I ever heard about how we see the opposite sex… 

Men Aren’t Hairy Women.

Alison Armstrong coined this term, and it has resonated so deeply with even the likes of Tony Robbins who also uses it in his seminars to explain how most of our problems with the opposite sex come from thinking they’re like us. ‘They think like us and see the world as we do. They’re just dumb, ignorant and selfish. That’s the problem’.

But it truly isn’t that black and white. One sex isn’t the bad guy whilst the other is hard done by, we are physically, emotionally and spiritually wired differently. We literally see and experience the world differently.

We’re equal in importance and ability… just in different ways.

Glen and I are both pretty head strong people. Before we invested time (lots of time!) into learning about the masculine and feminine energies our fights dragged on… and on (and on). Like sometimes at 2 or 3am we’d still be going back and forth not finding any understanding of each other, it was so frustrating.

And we still do know how to chuck a good tantrum for sure, but it doesn’t last as long as it use to and we’re quicker to see our own crap coming up now we’ve got compassion and understanding for the differences we have.

In this  final Collective for 2020 we will go into some of those differences.

A few interesting touch points are;

  • Did you know our brains are shaped and wired differently? And this changes with age (we basically narrow the gap as we mature)
  • Men have significant and defined moments of development. From the adventure seeker to the wanna be, to the builder to the king. It’s a huge journey and us ladies once we learn this, realise there’s more to this gender than we’ve given them credit for.
  • Women have more emotional centres than men (that’s kinda obvious though isn’t it :p)
  • Women have a stronger natural connection to spirit.
  • Women need to feel safe and protected. This comes off as needy and possessive when misunderstood.
  • Men need to feel loved and appreciated. This can be confused with selfish and ego driven.


This is a fascinating topic that you’ll get so much out of exploring. I look forward to sharing what my research has taught me about what has been regarded a battle of the sexes, when it really should be a union of the greats.




Biggest love

Melinda xo

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