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Meal time can be so stressful, in our house we have a pesky pescatarian (that would be moi), two are anaphylaxis to eggs and nuts, one is intolerant to eggs, and I am intolerant to legumes and dairy… so I get it. It is a huge headache trying to cater not only for dietary requirements but individuals tastes too.. and do you think kids take on board how many preferences we have to remember?? No way! When I hear “I don’t like that” when I serve dinner, I feel like giving up

I will give my kids credit, they do have manners, even when I serve them a plate full of veg and fish they all say “Thanks for dinner” but they also let me know what they thought of my meal.

It is tough but it is doable.. so here is a little vid that might help you in the dinner time department xo.