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Fat Chick

Join Melinda in her FAT journey. Letting go of self imposed limitations and unrealistic expectations

Fat Chick

My Fat Journal

Is anyone struggling with weight, energy and balance????

In the true nature of a workaholic I am starting a new project... while still working on the GUT Health Series and all the other plates I am spinning at work, I am sharing my journey with you... but this project is different.

This one is about me. Getting my energy back, my non bouncy boob size back and a little balance in my life to enjoy smelling the roses.


If that title offends, then you see fat differently to me. I am not ashamed of fat, nor do I feel embarrassed of my weight gain. Every inch of me is amazing and announcing that I am a bit chubby right now does not bother me. Calling our stuff out only bothers us when we lie to ourselves or feel ashamed of who we are and I do not feel either of those.

I am proud of the woman I am. I know that I am ready now more than ever to get my energy back, my life balance back and shed the weight that limits me from doing the things I love.

I will share my journey with you as it is utter BS that the formula is energy in vs. energy out. There is far more to us than that outdated formula and I want to help as many as I can understand their ever changing bodies as best as possible in order to feel the best they can.

Live less out of Habit & More out of Intent

It is so easy to go into autopilot mode and grab that drink or chocolate bar out of habit but if you can become aware in the midst of this and remember what your true intentions and desires are for your health, you can redirect your actions. Persistence is key 🙂

Healthy body + healthy mind = Happy Life

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This formula works, no need to try and make it more complicated than it truly is. Just be kind to yourself. Simple. <3

I’d rather be fat than skinny

Through this path of self discovery I uncovered something really interesting about myself and wanted to share it in case anyone else has found they are doing a similar disservice to themselves.

I have unintentionally been telling myself fat is better than thin. Not knowingly of course, subconsciously I have been trying to hide a little. I haven't wanted to appear to have too many good things in my life and I have felt comfortable being able to hide.

I am so out there, sharing personal stories, intimate moments and putting my heart and soul on the line. I think being a little chubby gives you something to hide behind, to shelter from the vulnerability you feel at times. Less noticeable when you are out and about and protected.

I am working on changing this limiting mindset through prayer, journalling and meditation and encourage you to join me if you feel you may be doing this too.

We do not need to hide. We can be powerful, vulnerable and brave. "I let go of the fear of not being accepted for all my thoughts and intentions" That is our mantra <3

I love fat

Said nobody ever. But you know what... I have learnt to.

Loving and accepting ourselves at any stage of our lives is being real. I went through a stage thinking, I am NOT this fat chick I have turned into, I AM the thin, fit girl I used to be and this is just a phase I need to get the heck out of.

But it is the loving of ourselves through every stage that creates peace within, releasing the unrealistic expectation we have to be perfect all the time. Our chubby phases, our cranky outbursts and all our errors are us.

I own this now.

I AM the chubby girl who doesn't have the same motivation to run 30-40km's a week she used to. I have other shite to do. I need to honour that my body is full of injury and need more gentle exercise.

I need to love ME without putting pressure on myself to BE something I am NOT right now.

I am not giving up, my fat chick journey continues, I am just being real.

Shifting this weight has been harder than I anticipated but I am learning so much about acceptance and the many parts of me along the way.