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Diggin’ Your Dark Side

A journey towards overcoming depression, reconnecting to yourself and reviving happiness.

Diggin' Your Darkside


A  Message of Hope

Last December 2016, Banjo and I were leaving for our surf trip. If you have read my book, Diggin' Your Dark Side, you will know that this trip kept me alive. I did not want to let him down and every day that I felt I couldn't bear the pain anymore, I would remind myself I just had to make it to this trip, then I could decide. If anyone is experiencing the absolute torture of depression, I send the biggest of hugs to you. I also share this message of hope...the darkness can only last so long.

There is a magical world on the other side of it. Please choose the light, it is there, even though you can't see it, feel it or recognise it.

Choosing good things for yourself really helps, good food, moving your body in some way and spending time in nature, but none of those things alone will pull you out. The key is keeping your eye on the glimmer of light that still shines within, no matter how small it is, keep giving it power and unplug the power of the darkness by giving it no attention, no fuel to burn and no f%ck!ng right to be in your life, stealing your magic.

You are a beautiful being and you deserve the world.

A Journey through the Dark Days

This book (Diggin’ Your Dark Side) is very close to my heart, sharing my personal journey through my darker days and the tools I used to find my happy once again, in an effort to help anyone else struggling to find peace in their heart. My book is being released on my late son Braith's birthday, my shining light who has been my angel for over fourteen years.

It is daunting telling the world your darkest truth but it is more daunting having answers for this debilitating condition and not sharing them with the world.