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Enriching Relationship – Online Course

Melinda and Glen

Love, Hate and Your Soul Mate - Online Course


Are you wanting to experience a more beautiful, passionate and adventurous relationship? Has your Soul mate turned more into your Soul hate? This is an all too common challenge for many couples. In this 3 part online intensive, like relationship counselling in your own home, Glen and Melinda guide you through their proven tools and techniques, they have implemented into their own marriage with great success.

This online course is for the newly dating, end of road and everything in between, and the best bit is you can enjoy the course in your own time, and from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

What you will learn:

• Understand your love language
• Masculine and feminine energies
• Hormones
• Fighting well
• The crux of all conflict
• Getting your needs met
• The love tank
• Passion and parenting
• Creating intimacy

Like every other aspect of our life, if you want something to grow you must nurture it, and a relationship is no different. Our biggest opportunity to grow as individuals lies within our intimate relationships, and who better to challenge and highlight areas for growth, than your partner?

We enter into relationships initially because they feel so damn good. There’s chemistry, there is passion and let’s be honest, there’s a ton of lust too.

After the honey moon period fades and the rose tinted glasses come off, we receive a reality check, as we start to let our shadow sides show. Your princess starts to get needy and demanding, and your king may become selfish and lazy, and the negative energy slowly begins to surface.

Learn how to reignite the passion, understand your lover and bring the fun back into your relationship!

Investment: $59 per couple


"This workshop was so helpful in helping us implement some really valuable tools and ideas into our life to help our relationship continue to grow! Melinda & Glen work so beautifully together and have amazing energy delivering the workshop." - Holly C.

"I was very impressed with the workshop and felt I got a lot more out of it than what I first had thought. Thank you very much Melinda & Glen.” - Blake G.

"It was a great opportunity to re-connect and learn new tools” - Anonymous