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Part One

In Part One we will go in to the first three chapters of the book. Workshopping through the importance of connection and diving deeply into the realms of the mind. 

The mind can literally make you, or break you. It is the most powerful resource you have... when you learn to use it to your advantage.

We will discuss the three minds, how perspective can shift dramatically and the structural changes you can make for more clarity in life.

Part Two

We are going into Chapters Four, Five and Eleven. This week, it is all about nutrition, movement and addictions.

Discussing dietary practises that can help or hinder our mental state and chemical balance.

We will also talk about those nasty little habits that creep in. When we feel stressed and tired we want to pick up that coffee, sugary snack and drain a bottle of your fav alcoholic beverage for a "quick fix" feel good remedy. Only problem with this, is we give more power to these vices than they deserve.

I would definitely have a pen and notebook handy for this weeks lesson.

Part Three

Working on old wounds can be one the most confronting elements of life.

It is also incredibly freeing. To release the stories we have created around events in our life is what helps us live the rest of our lives without feeling controlled or haunted by our past.

It could be words spoken on the playground as a child, abuse of mind or body, or the heartache of loss and grief or even physical trauma.

Our hearts need healing from any baggage we hold onto. In this episode, there may be tears but there will be a great clarity too. Once we stare our demons in the eye, they lose their power over us and we learn to live beside them.

Part Four

To wrap up our series, we will cover chapters twelve, thirteen, fourteen & fifteen.

The last chunk of my book was the most fun to write. I loved sharing the signs I received from the Universe guiding me back to healing. The time I spent digging down to find my purpose and learning to love myself, darkness and all.

And most importantly, what I choose to do to keep paying it forward.

This will be a beautiful way to close our time together going deeper into my book.

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