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Clean Your Genes Online

Your genes decide how you act, feel and look. The amazing news is, 95% of your genes are changeable. If you want an overhaul in health and vitality this workshop will help you understand the control you have over your health and well-being. Date:  16 October 2019 Time:  6:30 PM: – 7:30 PM Host:  Melinda Carbis-Reilly Cost:  $25 Early Bird Rate (2 weeks before promo):  $18, enter O7 at checkout. BOOK NOW

Stop Acting Like A Fat Chick Online

I am making an assumption here, but since you are looking at a workshop with a bold title about fatness, I am guessing you feel fat. I am here to show you that firstly, you are perfect at any size but most importantly, if you want to change your size and shape you can. In this workshop we will uncover the secrets of the skinny and get the shape and energy we desire through an understanding of genetics, epigenetics, nutrition and movement. My purpose is that at the end of your read you will learn how important your mind is … Read More

Gorgeous Gut Online

Got gut issues? Learn the basics for having a healthy functioning gut with our naturopath, Melinda. You will learn how to self assess your health, the tricks to get you back on track and how to maintain a healthy digestive system Date:  21 August 2019 Time:  6:30 PM: – 7:30 PM Host:  Melinda Carbis-Reilly Cost:  $25 Early Bird Rate (2 weeks before promo):  $18, enter O7 at checkout. BOOK NOW

Tired of Being Tired? Online

Do you need a caffeine hit to get going in the morning?Do you wish you had a pillow under your desk for your 3pm slump?Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired???This is not how we are supposed to feel. We have become accustomed to this feeling as so many of us are knackered and we think it is normal.My friends, it is not normal and you deserve more. In this workshop we will cover the main contributing factors for lethargy and fatigue and what you can do to get your zing back.Date:  17 July 2019Time:  6:30 PM: … Read More
Ministry of Men

Ministry of Men Online

This one is for the men. Join Glen as he explores ways to ensure you are getting your priorities in check and allowing yourself time to just be a lad, having freedom and the life you want for yourself without the guilt. Date:  2 June 2019 Time:  11:00 AM: – 1:00 PM Host:  Glen Reilly Cost:  $45 Early Bird Rate (2 weeks before promo):  $35, enter O10 at checkout. BOOK NOW  

Productive People Online

Do you feel life is busy? Do you struggle to get to everything on your list? Do you forget about adding in the things you use to enjoy doing just for fun and feel that there is just not enough time? This is the story so many of us tell ourselves, but it doesn’t have to be true for you. Everyday use to feel like a race against the clock until I learnt SEVEN incredibly life changing principals that have turned this around for me. I am the first to put my hand up and share my flaws and down … Read More

Fitness 101 Online

Learn the tricks of the trade in this online short course to improve your awareness and understanding of exercise. Key take homes; • Learn what exercise does to your body and what energy systems you are working in different types of exercise • Learn the specific benefits to your overall health through exercise • What health conditions can benefit from exercise, and what type of exercise will give the benefits required • When exercising is not good for you • How to write your own fitness schedule to get the results you want What others say;   “I learnt so much from Melinda … Read More

Love, Hate and Your Soul Mate Online