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Awakening Session

Life Coaching With a Difference 

Melinda combines the science of natural medicine, iridology, and relevant health testing with spiritual alignment to give you the complete package of health from the core of your being.

Your session will start with a discussion about your personal story.

Your personal story is the key to your freedom from health blockages. Both mental and physical. This snapshot allows Melinda to understand your blockages and devise a plan for your awakening session.

There will be a clinical overview of your health using Naturopathic principles. Depending on your needs, Melinda will discuss your health concerns and use tools such as iridology, urine analysis, zinc and mineral testing, blood sugar analysis, and blood pressure checks to analyse your physical health thoroughly and devise a plan with you on how to best overcome any small to large health challenges you are facing.

Melinda will scan your chakras and energy field for energy blocks and use reiki techniques to help you become balanced energetically and promote self-healing within. Melinda's reiki is intuitive and often messages come through for you in this process.

Kundalini yoga practices such as breath work and meditation may be used in the session and will form part of your self-healing protocol. These powerful technologies act fast and inspire you for further growth and change.

Your awakening session looks at your health from a clinical and spiritual perspective allowing you to completely heal.


When you only focus on your physical health, you will notice your health will wax and wane as the energy surrounding your physical form has not been shifted or transformed and cannot completely free you from your challenges. Adding energetic work allows us to shift not only on the physical plane but also start to transform energy so our health plan works for you on a deeper level.

These sessions are powerful and are designed for those who are ready to reach their true potential. It is recommended you start with a two-hour session and have a one-hour follow-up session within the month to keep you on track.

Your awakening session is like having a personal coach who not only provides tools to improve the quality of life but has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual health.

1 hour session; $149

2 hour session; $299


1. What is an awakening session for?

Think of it as a life coach that is well versed in naturopathic and energetic principles.
These sessions are perfect for;
  • Emotional blockages, feeling stuck or challenged in any area of life... work, money, relationships and/or parenting.
  • Physical challenges, if you are struggling with your health these sessions will not only help you with herbal and nutritional remedies and lifestyle advice, they will help you get to the root cause of WHY you are suffering. All physical ailments are first formed metaphysically. These sessions go deeper into your energetic blockages so you do not need supplemental support long term.
  • Healing past trauma. We get into the stories and trauma that have been developed in your life. Some are small, maybe a remark made by a friend on the school yard and others are deep like loss and traumatic events. I create a safe environment for you to dig out those old wounds and free yourself once and for all.

2. Why does this cost more than a reiki or naturopathic session?

Your awakening session is so much more than your average consult. There are no boundaries or limitations with framework in these sessions. Melinda has worked in the health space for over 19 years. She has studied Naturopathy, Reiki, Kundalini yoga, Fitness, Pilates, Tony Robbins techniques, Neuroscience and Meditation tools. Her extensive knowledge and ability to see people's true potential is priceless with the value this adds to her clients lives. One session is equivalent to a week of personal development and health courses.

3. I do not live near Redhead, can I do an awakening session online?

You sure can! We do not conduct physical examinations such as iridology, blood pressure and the likes but all other aspects can be easily done via Skype including reiki and energy work.



I recently attended a 2hr Awakening Session at the Redhead Wellness Sanctuary with lovely Melinda, this was so kindly gifted to me by the staff there, so I had no idea what I was heading in for or what was involved. However I have been to several of Mel’s workshops and classes so knew I was in for something special. And wow – I came out of their with my mind blown, and a whole new energy! The session was composed of a few different aspects of Mel’s work – naturopathy, life coaching/ personal development, and reiki. Mel helped me see clearly what I was putting all my energy into VS what was really important to me and some of the traits/ habits I have formed that tend to put me into overwhelm and exhaustion (people pleaser, lack of self confidence etc). She helped me with other ways to look at prioritising and being okay with saying no to things, with really pausing to think about what I’m putting my time and energy into. The wheel of life exercise was particularly powerful for a visual representation of what I’ve been doing with myself. The naturopathy/ iridology assessment showed I still need to do a bit more work on my health and wellness, I’ve come along way from where I was a couple of years ago with my IBS and hormonal issues but the journey is never over, particularly when we keep putting stress on our bodies. So Mel gave me some great tips there. And then we went into our Reiki Session. Now this was the bit I really wasn’t sure about ...

to be honest I thought it was all a bit too “woo-woo” (as Mel says) for me, and I was quite sceptical about it actually doing anything, but I trust Mel so wanted to stay open to the idea and see what happened. Wow! I totally take my sceptic hat off ....

I definitely felt a major shift in my energy and mind that day and the days and weeks following. And to see Mel almost shaken herself by what she takes on in the process is pretty incredible! When she spoke to me about what she had felt in my chakras, it all made so much sense to certain situations in my life, me holding back my truth (throat chakra) and some insecurities I have (heart chakra) and more. So amazingly powerful....

there really is something in this Energy work stuff ....

and after my session I am totally intrigued to find out more! Definitely recommend this Awakening Experience to anyone ...

especially if you’re feeling a bit stuck in any areas of your life

~ Alicia Hoye

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