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is a monthly

Reiki & Kundalini Coaching Session

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February 2022


Redhead Wellness Sanctuary 

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In each class we start with a blissful Meditation, then go deep with raw Conversation about our chosen topic and move with a gentle Kundalini Kriya. We then close with a rejuvenating Reiki Healing.

Becoming Brave

I am Love,

I am Faith,

I am Courage. 

These words are my mantra for life. My belief about who I am and the backbone for the choices I make.

In this months workshop we are going deeply into the last point.

Having courage and being



Here's a quick glimpse...


Showing up for your life requires you to be


It's not always easy to step up when you feel pushed to leave a relationship or job.

It can be tricky putting yourself out there and trying new things.

But when we dig down and be courageous 


And realise there was nothing to be concerned about in the first place.


Mentoring to become who you were born to be...

Kundalini and Reiki Healing Sessions


Is all I know about life, health and spirituality bundled up into monthly 1 hour 45 minute healing and awakening sessions.

Each session will have a different topic we focus on.

We'll start with a soulful meditation and blissful music.

Then we'll dive into conversation, talking about some harsh realities of life in a practical way.

Covering topics such as;

Fear and Anxiety


Flowing with life


Calming the chaos

Change the story, overcoming adversity

Creating a vision for your life


We'll then move the body a little with a Kundalini Kriya

and close with a restorative Reiki Healing.



Kundalini Yoga

Each session will include this powerful form of Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga is one of the oldest, most pure forms of yoga.

It uses mantra, mudra, poses and breath to nourish the nervous system and lymphatic system...

When we work with these messenger systems of the body we have the ability to bring about true and lasting change to our physical and metaphysical worlds.

Reiki Healing

Creating space for healing 

Reiki is merely tapping into energy, the essence of all existence and

transforming it to allow healing and growth to occur.

You always receive what you need in that moment.

Completing each session with reiki will not only have you leaving as though you're

floating on a cloud... it will cement the practise and lessons for you energetically.



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I'm a Naturopath, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Reiki Healer, Meditation Teacher, Fitness Specialist, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

But most importantly.. I'm human as F.

I think life has thrown me so many curve balls because it knows I'm up for the challenge of speaking up, using my pain to help others and never let any of it bring me down (long term).

I've been through the trenches like you.

My heart has been ripped out with the loss of my first son. I've supported my family through the tragic loss of my step son, I've suffered bouts of severe depression, went on the rollercoaster of divorce and blending a family, worked through adrenal fatigue, sexual abuse and a shit ton of other day to day woes that we all encounter.

My darkest moments have become my fuel. They burn passionately, creating a powerful force that wants to see this world turn around.

And it all starts with YOU. Nothing changes unless we first change... and that's where I come in.

I'll give you soft love and tough love.

To step into your highest self, you need to dig down and heal the hell out the crap that limits you.

I look forward to working with you.


Big love


Melinda x





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