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Exercise has been the one constant in my life. From a preschool age I loved to dance and move my body. Through my teen years, it kept me grounded and allowed me to free the emotions that ran wild with the hormone changes. In my twenties it gave me space from my responsibilities and now in my thirties it has become an enlightening and freeing practise.

meditation and yoga

Meditation & Yoga

I want to share with you practises that have transformed my life. Meditation carried me through my separation and lifted me out of depression. It is a daily must to check in with my highest self.

Meditation can heal the heart, help you reconnect with your truest self and gives you clarity and wisdom to make beautiful life choices. Join my gorgeous yoga instructors, Holly and Bec, in a flow that will energise your body and free you from any tension built up over your day.

natural health

Natural Health

The fun, adventure and excitement we desire for our lives can only be achieved when we have our health. A lack of energy, constant illness and dis-ease inhibits our true potential, I want to share with you simple tips to keep you feeling zesty for life and enjoying this beautiful adventure.

family and parenting

Family & Parenting

Running a business is tough and financial challenges are confronting however they are a walk in the park compared to the challenges of parenting. There are no other beings on this planet I give more to than my kiddies.



Having great life skills is the most valuable knowledge I have received. I love what my traditional studies have taught me but it is the inquiry into who I am, how I can be the most giving, loving and passionate woman possible, is what I thrive on. A degree helps us get a job but personal development helps us thrive.


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