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Veggies Done Right

eating veggies

Vegetables are plants jam-packed with nutritional value. Not all like the the taste and would reach for the simplicity of pasta and get more of a kick from the high GI load if they went down the carb route.

But… Veggies can be freaking amazing if you cook them right! And, they do not give you a FABY afterward.. BONUS. This is why we eat plants;

Vegetables and Their Healthy Properties

They provide our bodies with vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals and are alkalising to our system. Veg is also naturally low in fat and has a low calorie intake, helpful for those trying to lose weight… the good news just keeps coming 🙂

They aid in reducing the risk of heart attacks, diabetes and obesity too. But despite the huge benefits they have for our health, some of us still can’t commit to eating it as regular as is required for the full effects to take place (three times daily).

Vegetable Eating 101

Non-veg eaters there is hope for you yet! Have a read and try some of these ideas out;

  • Preparing your veg with a marinade; Try baking beetroot, sweet potato, baby carrot, brussel sprouts and broccolini in an apple cider vinegar, garlic and onion sauce.. delish!
  • • Hiding vegetables in other foods the next time you’re in the kitchen. Grate your veg and throw it in a bolognese sauce or add a few handfuls of greens to your morning smoothie, as long as you blend it well and drink it fresh you won’t even know it is there.
  • • Slowly wean off the sweet. The reason most people dislike veg is because they have acclimated there palate to crave sweet and not more else. Slowly reduce the sweet foods in your life and add more varied flavours to help you adjust to the tastes of veg. I know it is weird, but I seriously salivate when I think of brussel sprouts.. Oop, there I go. I promise, you can get into the flavours when you open up your taste buds and become (slowly) a versatile eater.

Eating green will keep you lean people. Veg up. It is fun when you try!

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