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Understand the mind

Understand your mind

You are both the oppressed and oppressor,

the good news is – you have the key to let yourself out.

As a sufferer of depression, the madness of the mind is something I’m very familiar with.


But even before mental health issues struck in my mid-thirties, I would fall victim to the mechanics of the mind. My mind pondered on the past and projected into the future, to the point that I would create chemical reactions (emotions) to these thoughts as if they were really happening in that moment. Like we all do.


The mind can feel like a runaway train…


Until we understand it.


What is the mind?

The mind is essentially the brain at work. The brain is the matter, an anatomical structure, like the processor, motherboard and hard drive that makes up the structure of a computer.

The brain is just the machine; the mind is that machine at work.

But it’s your spirit, your true essence, that controls this. When we operate as intended that is.

If we forget this, the mind works all by itself. Without you (the real you) showing it what programs you want to run, it will run on its own. And it doesn’t always choose the best. It’s default program is survival. Fight, flight or freeze.

In a spiritual sense, this machine working for itself to benefit itself can be referred to as ego. Ego is the sense of separateness and your mind sees you as separate and tries to preserve you at all costs.

This usually causes pain not only to those you don’t have compassion for, but also yourself. We as humans live to feel connected. So when a program designed to disconnect is at the helm… it ain’t the recipe for happiness.

Understanding the mind is an endless journey. As it changes constantly. Like a child, as soon as you get the hang of it, it moves on to another stage of development.

The great news is that when we choose to understand the mind and progress with it, we develop our ability to control the mind. To pull it in check when it’s running old and tired software and to rewire it to suit our needs in each moment.

I’m no neurologist or psychologist, but I’m an avid learner of the mind. From the anatomical, physiological and endocrinology components across the bridge into the spiritual elements and mystical workings of the pineal & pituitary glands and the power of the spinal cord and cerebrospinal fluid.

Your mind can create magic. You can manifest, create new perspectives, break boundaries and turn water into wine.

It can also be an absolute head F#ck (I do like my puns). It can turn beauty into darkness and keep you trapped.

The only difference is, what you choose to do with it.

I don’t know about you, but I think option one’s more enticing.

We’ll all experience levels of the latter, it’s just how well you know yourself and your mind that will distinguish which patterns take lead.

In this Collective, we go into the mind and how to understand it so you can have a life of love and creativity.


Big love,


Melinda xo


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