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To Those Who Inspire You…

The world is full of miracles,

everyday interventions,

and guidance for us to flow effortlessly

along our path to becoming ourselves.


Post hospital hasn’t been a smooth road to health.

Far from it.

It’s been a roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs as well as moments of feeling suspended upside down.


I can’t ever share enough how important signs can be. Lifesaving really.


Two weeks ago, I was driving home from my psychiatrist appointment back in the hospital that housed me for three weeks. I felt hopeless in that moment as we had discussed the possible need for TMS or ECT to help my brain fire for me again.

My cocktail of supplements and medication doesn’t seem to be working for me like it used to.


I was driving up Hillsborough Road when Glen rung to see how my appointment went. I was crying expressing that I thought he’d be better off finding a wife who wasn’t broken.

As I shared my darkest thoughts with him, a majestic Eagle circled above the busy road and lingered in front of my car. I gasped.


In that moment I awakened from my dark trance and felt loved by a force that could carry me through this expansive time.


Expansive because the darkness is where we see what we do want for ourselves from contrast, it’s where we get to unravel our pains and soar like the Eagle, gliding above what once troubled our hearts and minds.


All through my darkness I’ve had constant reassurance that this is my path and I’m moving forward, even when it feels I’m sliding deeply backward.


Glen & I have been on a little road trip south this past week and as my book is near publishing and my health is constantly front of my mind, I asked in my morning prayers for an Eagle on this day to symbolise I’m on the right path to healing and an Owl to denote my books success.


We were in Berry on the hunt for a dining table and as we walked into a homewares store I picked up a card and beneath it was another card that caught my eye, three Owls dressed the front with a quote, “To those who inspire you without knowing it” My face lit up with a heartfelt smile, within an hour of my prayers, here was my first sign. I thanked the Universe and shared my excitement with Glen (and everybody in the shop!)


We stopped at a little Indian restaurant for lunch and a family of five walked in, the mother sporting a bold Eagle on her top. I squealed with excitement. My second sign, all before lunch, my prayers were answered.


We need to awaken ourselves to the everyday miracles that occur for us. To feel them and see them, requires us to open to them.


Sometimes it feels that our troubles are insurmountable… we don’t always get to choose the experiences we have, but we always get to choose the lens in which we see them through.


My little reminder, have you asked for your sign?? Please do. It’s powerful xo




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