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The Three Minds

Your Three Minds

There's a part of your mind, one's designed to protect, 

Another to expand and be creative

And the other taps into your soul,

Allowing you to make decisions in your life that align with your highest self.


One of the most important things for self development, I believe, is to understand your three minds. When we centre our decisions on this knowledge, we can cut the drama, avoid staying in la la land with new ideas and keep ourselves in line with our souls urges for this lifetime. It's the best way to become clear fast.


Let's start with the negative mind...

Negative Mind

The negative mind comes from the oldest part of our brains, our reptilian brain which is only concerned with survival. It's simple design has four focuses;

  • Fleeing
  • Feeding
  • Fighting
  • F... sorry, I'll be polite and kill the F theme, Reproduction

The negative mind kicks in fast, which is completely necessary as its function is to maintain life. It helps you respond to dangerous situations appropriately. If you're about to step in front of oncoming traffic the negative mind looks for danger and helps you step back in time.


It also kicks in when you're about to start a new project that takes you out of your comfort zone.


Let's say you want to start a new career or business, your negative mind will come up with all the things that could go wrong. It's always on damage control... if your negative mind is too strong, it will keep you small. You'll opt for your comfort zone instead of adventure and change, possibly have phobias and see the worst case scenario all the time.


The negative mind when used correctly, should assess for danger, once the coast is clear it quietens so the positive mind can kick in. 


Positive Mind

Once the danger has been assessed, the positive mind kicks in. This is your expansive self. The limbic system begins to create emotional responses seeing all the possibilities and gets you excited.


The positive mind LOVES change, creativity, adventure and thinks you could conquer the world if you chose to do so.


It's the part of you that believes anything is possible. The positive mind would expand as you contemplated moving towns and think about all the friendships and sense of adventure this would bring to your life.


When gone unchecked the positive mind can lead to inaction. We all have friends who are stuck in the positive mind. Every time you catch up with them they have a new idea, something they're so excited to do... but before they can take any action, they're taken away by another great idea and they rarely come to fruition.


The dreamers of this world. 


When your positive mind is in healthy balance with your other minds it expands, can see the possibilities and then quietens down for the final step of this magical process to unfold. The Neutral mind has listened, and is now ready to speak to you.


Neutral Mind

The neutral mind is the pre frontal cortex, the part of your brain that has incredible ability to tap into what is right for YOU. It can take on board the negative and positive minds feedback and then let that sit with your soul.


If it feels aligned it gives you a feeling of knowing or an inexplainable thought, 'I don't know why, but I know I need to do this'


The neutral mind is the voice of you. It guides you home, your way. It's the voice of your inner truth and has no fear or agenda attached to it. 


We quite often don't sit on an idea or feeling long enough to get here... we react to the first two minds and shut out the whisper of your soul.


When you come to crossroads in your life, give yourself space to feel into this final part of the process. You'll find life becomes smoother, less dramatic and reactive. Take a deep breath, get out a journal, observe nature... whatever works for you and lean in to the knowing that resides within.


Big love,

Melinda xo


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