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Stress Eating

Is stress eating real? In a word. Yes. Stress does weird and wonderful things to us, but firstly let’s address what stress is. We throw this word around but what does it actually mean to be stressed? Stress is a modern word for fear. Worrying fearful thoughts and conflicting feelings create a stress response inside our bodies which escalates our stress hormones. Stress responses can be triggered by life threatening danger and it can be triggered by worrying thoughts. Us Mum’s know this feeling oh so well. Our li’l Johnny isn’t coping with his school work, so we worry for … Read More
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Prevent Excessive Inflammation the Natural Way

Prevent Excessive Inflammation the natural way Our body has an amazing natural defense against illnesses. It can fight pathogens, dilute toxins, protect and repair damaged cells, and deliver much-needed oxygen and nutrients to our cells through the inflammatory process.   However, when the inflammatory response is excessive or out of control, it will do more harm than good. Some of the diseases brought about by this condition are acne, rashes, asthma, peptic ulcers, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and sinusitis.   Prevent excessive inflammatory response by avoiding foods that exacerbate inflammation. These are processed and grain-fed meats, farmed fish, gluten, dairy, grains, … Read More
Active Through Winter Article

The Importance of Keeping Active Through Winter

During the cooler months, it is easy to choose a comfortable pair of pyjamas and laze up in bed with your favourite movie than to go to the gym for your workout routine. Contrary to popular belief, metabolism during winter is firing high. Now is the best time to take advantage of this peak in your metabolism. When the weather is colder, the body is usually in hyper-drive to keep us warm, thus there is increase in the basal metabolic rate. This is the perfect opportunity to step up your fitness game, shed those stubborn fat stores and keep the … Read More