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Thanks Dad xo

Let me take you back…   I was ten years old, lying in bed the night before a big dance competition with nervous jitters in my tummy. My Dad came to tuck me in, like he would most nights, and I told him I felt sick that I would make a mistake on stage tomorrow.   He said “Bubs, you practise your dances every day, I see you. Your worry is just your mind playing tricks on you” I leaned in to listen, I always felt reassured by my Dad. “If you see yourself doing your dances perfect in your … Read More

Change Bad Habits With Mindfulness Meditation Exercises

Habits are those dirty little rituals that creep into our life if we do them frequently enough and associate pleasure with the activity. All habits differ in consequences, but the nasty ones impact our lives negatively. Often, these stem from lack of awareness or self-observation.Some may find it harder to stop repeating bad habits than others for many reasons, mostly to do with the chemical structure and wiring of our brains. When there is a desire to shift away from habits we can sometimes strengthen them as we focus too much on “giving it up” and as we put thought … Read More