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Suffering Ends When The Gratitude Begins

Here's a story about a friend of mine

He lives in South Africa and called me yesterday

He's not had the best luck lately.

Here's Bobs story,

Once upon a time there was a successful and kind man named Bob. Bob was always in a rush.

Even when there was no rush.

He created urgency everywhere he went. He was obsessed with the reassurance of his phone, always checking emails, facebook messages and using it when driving (tisk tisk).

Bob was receiving some pretty significant signs from the Universe to slow down.

For the past eighteen months he was sitting on 1 - 3 points on his license with a constant flow of fines that came in. Then Bob got a fine that meant he'd lose his license.

Bob was pretty worried about this.

And then, the cherry on top, Bob had an accident with a boulder. He ran straight into it and buckled his back wheel. It wasn't drivable.

Dam Bob. 

Bye bye car. Bye bye license.

Poor Bob.

Or... Silly Bob?

We all make mistakes and sometimes wait for the whispers of the Universe to be a scream before we listen and course correct. So I'm running with poor Bob.

Poor Bob wasn't listening and the further off track we get, the harder it is to come back.

He called yesterday and we talked about how easy it is to lose sight of this.

I've written about this topic before, but it's one you can't hear enough...

We all have the freedom of choice. We can choose to listen or keep ploughing through life like we're on a mission.

The danger is...

If we don't pick up on the memo's we're receiving early on, we create momentum in this un-fun direction.

Bob's first fine was an alarm bell, an opportunity to address his driving habits and course correct. If he had've at this point, no momentum would've been created. Back on track for Bob.

But he paid the fine and continued to be in a rush everywhere he went. And then got the second and third fine... and now once this has happened a few times it becomes incredibly dangerous for us.

We have created energy in this direction. We start to expect fines. Or expect {insert what keeps happening to you that sucks}

That expectation is heard loud and clear and that's what we're served more of.

Life will let you know that the energy you're throwing out is low vibe.

How do you know this??

Cause shitty things keep happening to you.


If you choose to see this as signs you're not giving out the best energy in this area, you have an opportunity to turn it around.

See, Bob not only had momentum around fines because he needed to slow down, he was also in a place of feeling like money was wondering out the door. He was getting hung up on mishaps of others that may cost a few hundred dollars and his judgement lead him to having more substantial wastage of money on his part... excessive fines and car repairs (and probably a lot of Uber trips in the months to come)

Because what we judge

We become.

Bob now has the humbling experience of riding his push bike to work.

He also has the humbling experience of acknowledging we all make mistakes and let go of the need to judge others when they do... because he ain't perfect either.


Friends this can and does happen to all of us. When I was building the Sanctuary I had super low vibe energy. I kept expecting drama and I got drama. The first few issues gave me an opportunity to calm down, slow down and realise I was doing too much.

But I didn't listen. I kept ploughing through life and gained momentum around problems.

I was simultaneously receiving plenty of opportunity to see my blessings, but my head was focused on the negative and so this is what kept coming for me until, in walked depression and a whole other world of problems began.

I got super off track... and it was HARD to come back.

It's usually in one or two areas of your life... for example you keep thinking you don't have enough money and week after week unexpected bills and expenses creep in. I know people who earn average wages that live an abundant life and friends who have larger incomes and live like they're on scraps. It truly has nothing to do with this.

It's to do with your energy around abundance.


~ Neale Donald Walsch

So when you feel yourself sliding into a negative mindset 'This always happens to me' or 'I have the worst taste in men' stop that nasty thought, think about all the things in your life you have to be grateful for and what you could do different to get a different result.

Life is for you, not against you.

You just gotta choose to roll with it.


Biggest love

Melinda xo

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