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States of Energy

Change Your State, Change Your Energy

Emotions are simply vibrations. When we feel down and low our vibrational frequency is dense and slow. And when we feel joy and peace our vibration is radiant.

That is why when you feel a tad cruddy, it is a great idea to change your state. Simple things such as correcting a slouchy posture instead of letting the world sit heavy on your shoulders immediately lifts you... try it.

When you feel like dowsing yourself in alcohol, chocolate and binge watching Netflix to forget your woes, try getting fresh air and / or exercise and notice how the new flow of energy washes away the negative vibe.

I am all for mind blanking to a good comedy, don't get me wrong - laughter is also an amazing way to change your state but sometimes what we need is to burn up some energy and clear the head with some strong movement. 

When I have my dark days, I  know I am vibrating at a low frequency. I want to curl up on my bed and bathe in my fear but deep down I know this will only take me down a darker spiral. Although it can be really tough, I choose to at least go outside and sit in the sun, indulging in deep breaths and feeling my feet on the earth. Immediately I have lifted myself out of fear and possibly have a desire to feel better. It is a step in the right direction.

And that is all we need to do..  take baby steps towards a better state.

Here is useful chart that I have referred to since learning about this from Mind Valley in my first bout of depression. I have since seen a few variations of this but I choose to stick to this as there has been some research on this model (I like my science, what can I say).

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