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Spiritual Right Action

Spiritual Right Action

Doing what feels right

isn't always what is "socially right"

It takes real guts to listen to your inner truth. 

I would probably be regarded as a left wing, unconventional person. My ex husband once told me I was bohemian and my new hubby sometimes struggles with my "atypical" parenting style.

I do many things that others would squish their noses at. Because it isn't the social norm or expectation.

Do you sometimes feel that too? You know there is a mainstream or popular belief around parenting, the environment or even politics that you can't wrap your head around?

It doesn't sit well with you? 

I believe this is because we are all on this earth with a different purpose and agenda. We need to see things from our unique view point to uncover our own truth. What is spiritually aligned and right for us in that moment. 

There can be an intense pull to conform. To join the masses and avoid judgement. But what would we learn from this about ourselves? That we don't trust our truth? Stifling our voice to fit in... trusting others instead of our innate wisdom?

Then what?

You fit in and avoided judgement. But do you feel fulfilled? 

People who choose to join in partnership for life without getting married as an example. They would constantly be tortured with "When are you going to finally get married?" and those who choose not to have children, "But you're life hasn't begun until you have kids" and the judgements if you do have kids! Oh man, they're fun too.

There's opinions and ideas around everything, how to run your business, to get fit and even around how you should react to heartache.

There's ideas of what the perfect body is and how to achieve it (the thought we are all capable of the same body type amuses me).

But there is one problem with mainstream view points, or mass made opinions. 

They don't take into consideration what is uniquely important to you and your life. 

No one can do you quite like you do. 

No one sees the world exactly like you do. 

And no one can offer the same insights you can.

Owning your unique view point is sometimes tough to do, but answering these questions to yourself when you're deciding what's right for your life is helpful;

Does this feel right?

Does this align with my values and integrity?

Is this going to lead me towards my end game?

(Example; My end game is to know I moved toward love and away from fear and left the world a better place)

And then BOOM, you have your answer.

Trust yourself, your path and align yourself with your spiritual right action to feel fulfilled in this life friends.

Big love,

Melinda xo

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