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Self Love

Be what you are. That is the only step towards becoming better than you are.



Be authentic

It is only when we try to mask who we are that we attract the wrong energy into our bubble. I can vouch for this right now… I have had to make some tough calls lately, staying true to me, making changes and seeing who is willing to ride the wave with me. It is scary, but I know that those who can see who I truly am, and what I am trying to achieve will be here. They will call me on my crap when I stray and they will celebrate the victories with me. I am realising true connection more than ever and it is magical. Sending love to you and yours on your big adventurous ride of life xo ?

No Regrets

N O R E G R E T S Ah the things I have done that were less than productive or kind! ? I have hurt people’s feelings, failed a marriage, made stupid business decisions and yelled at my kids instead of coming from love. But I can honestly say, I do not regret a thing in my life because every time I have stumbled and F#k’d up I have learnt something new about myself and the world around me.

I learnt from being a bitch that I do not like that part of me and try harder to manage my emotions. I have learnt from giving up on my first marriage what is truly important, being with a man that helps me be the woman I am striving for and helping my man be his best self too. ? I have learnt from getting cranky at my kids that you tend to take your frustrations out on the ones you love the most.. and a heartfelt apology is crucial for mutual respect.

N O R E G R E T S everything in your life is a blessing, it’s just up to you whether you realise that or not ❤️

It’s okay not to be perfect

Perfection is a terrible standard to have. It means you do not want yourself to ever achieve, as perfection is unattainable. Imperfect perfection lies in being true to yourself, not trying to live out an image you have for yourself. ❤️

Beautifully Imperfect

Real happiness? It begins the moment you accept yourself for what and who you truly are. Embrace your flaws. Imperfect, but still beautiful.

I am grateful for…

What are you grateful for?? Whatever we focus on, we get more of so looking for what gives your life meaning, joy and love will bring more of this to you. It also helps you appreciate the wonderful things and people in your life. Tell someone dear to you what they mean to you today.

Show them gratitude for what they bring to your life and watch how this lifts you, them and tightens your bond. .