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Personal Life

Get to know Melinda a little bit more. Check out how she overcomes daily life challenges, shares confessions, and her secrets to living a happy life.

Personal Life

Life’s Beautiful Blessings

Let me share some inspo here...


I have been working my booty off for over three years and I haven’t been paid a cent. I am merely paying my bills and my staff. I’m not complaining, I knew it would be a tough slog trying to set up a new business from scratch but sometimes it takes its toll on your confidence when you work so hard and put your heart and soul into a project and you have to wait so long for the rewards to come.


I listened to a Gabby Bernstein video (one of my idols) And she shared that she worked on her business for five years before payday. I’m incredibly grateful for people who are happy to share their stories as hearing that has given me a new sense of confidence and purpose, if she slapped it out for five years before getting paid and has now become a New York Times bestselling author I think I have a little more steam in me to keep pushing on.


So in the true nature of paying it forward, I wanted to share that with you. If you’re thinking of starting a project, please step up and take on the challenge, I am lucky that I have a patient husband that is encouraging me every step of the way but regardless of where your support is coming from it is essentially the same place. From the universe. It will provide for you and in miraculous ways.


We have had incredible and surprising blessings all the way that have helped us push on and you will too.


Calm achiever

Reflecting on the chaos in my life not so long ago I can see the calm that was rising within. It is easy to be a chilled out mofo' when life is rosy and things are working for you. The real test of your nature comes when the shit hits the fan, and you don't go with it. You observe the chaos, smile and carry on #calmachiever style.


A few years ago, I got lost in the white noise... I learnt from that experience that you can run out blindly into a hurricane and try to control it (bad move) or you can stay at a safe distance watch it bring its best effort to destroy you, and smile at its piss poor attempts because you are an observer - not a controller. Our false sense of control is what stops the miracles. Every day there is a miracle waiting for us, if we let go of our false sense of control ❤


Have you got the BALLS?

How empty would our courthouses be if we ALL took responsibility for our own lives?? I believe we all have the balls to step up and own our lives. As it is, no excuses.


No blaming.


Just learning from the pickles we get into and moving on.


The old adage.. when you point a finger at someone you are pointing four back at you, type stuff.


I struggle with this sometimes. I get in some scenarios and think "This seriously can't be me. I did not bring this on myself”


But when I am completely open and honest with myself I know that I did.


We can only be victims if we do not resolve our own vulnerabilities. We can only be overwhelmed with responsibility if we continue to buy into the B.S story that life is hard. We only take offense to blunt posts like this if we have attached to the situations in our lives as our own identity and cannot see that we are more than that. Way more.

Lets do this. Transform our disconnected, blame game world into one of peace, love and acceptance of who we are. We are all in this together <3


All limitations are self-imposed

It is on you. Harsh or empowering?


I love the reactions we have to things, because it is a reflection of how you feel on the inside. Hearing that it is my doing therefore my undoing that will create my greatest hurdles and biggest wins makes me feel powerful. Knowing that I can do anything, as long as I believe in myself is exciting, I feel the sky is the limit.


And then the doubt creeps in.


Who do I think I am? I am not that good, she is doing better than me... blah, the inner critic emerges.


Learning the critic is only your ego trying to protect itself helps you thank it for its concern and then let go of the wrong belief that you are a limited being.


I have seen too many miracles to have doubt for long now. I have seen healing, I have had my own instant healing and I have experienced miraculous blessings that got me out of trouble at the eleventh hour, there is so so so so much more to life than what we think.


As soon as we open our hearts, the flood of miracles occur. Believe in yourself, whatever you think you are... it is more, I promise xx


Calm is a super power

Ever since the Wellness Festival I have added a new mantra to my internal buzz words... #calmachiever.


Every time I feel a tightness in my chest trying to beat the clock with my workload, I breathe and repeat Calm achiever until I chill the fun out.


Whenever I feel the pressures of what I am trying to achieve bottle up in my throat, I breathe and chant, Calm achiever.


Coming from our stress response creates a surge of panic in our body, our brains find it hard to focus in and our thoughts feel chaotic. This makes it hard to achieve anything efficiently. And there is no fun in that.


When we come from our heart, do things with passion and have fun with it, we create space in our mind which allows for clarity and efficiency. Our body relaxes allowing it to flow naturally toward our outcome.


Calm achievement, we can do so much more and enjoy it... On board?