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Family and Parenting

Family will always find a way to make you smile, no matter the situation. They’re the ones who’ll always be there at times of hardships. Treasure them. Keep them close. Love them with all your heart.

Family and Parenting

Parenting Confession

I am going to say something I am not supposed to… the thing us parents think but feel ashamed to say (especially if you have teenagers!). Some days I can’t believe that I have taken on such a huge commitment. Parenting.✨✨ I feel exhausted at the thought that this job only dies with me.


My kids need me, in the middle of the night and in the middle of my work day. They need me when I am sick and exhausted. That is the gig of a parent. It never ends… and the times you get a break, are so bitter sweet. A piece of you is missing, there is a little hole in my heart when my boys are with their Dad. This is the gig of a seperated family.


Parents, I am shouting out to YOU, you are not alone. You are doing an amazing job.?? We are so quick to judge each other and question ourselves and what the heck we are doing!! Because let’s face it, none of us have a clue (don’t tell the kids!). But if you are coming from your heart, being real with these precious souls and share your truth – don’t hide, they need to know your journey.. then you are creating a beautiful future for our world. No one is perfect, we have all screamed, shouted, felt frustrated and cried… that is the true beauty of being a parent, what they teach us about ourselves.


So much gratitude to all the parents out there and a special shout out to the ones doing it solo… you are a HERO ?


Kids: The Best Teachers

When my kids go through hard times it is like revision for my own life. I get an opportunity to share my learnings, refresh my mind of what is important and hope to hell I am steering them in the right direction. I have spent thousands of $$$ on my personal development but I truly think these little critters have been my best teachers (and hardest!).? They sometimes decide the middle of the night is a good time for a lesson, but hey – that’s what hardcore instructors do, keep you on your toes ??


Parents are sculptors…

Parents are sculptors, the forces of nurture. As parents we do not always get it right, but if we can remember that we are molding our future before reacting and stressing it will help teach our next generation that a calm achiever is who they need to be. Nothing great happens in stress or reactiveness. Their greatness, and yours, lies in the ability to come from love.



A lesson kids teach us

Kids know how to let loose and not worry about what people think. I dare you to cartwheel or sing down the street today. Odd looks from people won’t kill you. Having no fun in life will.


A beautiful experience

When we asked our kids what our family values should be they came up with; We want to be a fun family that does crazy things together and helps other people have a better life as well. We got crazy covered. That is in the bag, helping people is a value we want them to carry into their adult lives.


It is so easy to get caught up in wanting to spoil them and give them everything, I refuse to do this. I want them to know life does not get served on a silver platter, you want it, you work for it and if you see someone else in need, you take off your shirt and give it to them.


Another one will be waiting for you when you do.


Marli experienced this lesson so beautifully the other week when she found a $50 note in the bakery. She handed it in to the owner hoping the person who dropped it would come back for it. Afterwards, she said “I wish I didn’t do that, I bet the owner will just keep it” I said to her, “You did the right thing, it doesn’t matter to you if the owner does or not, you listened to your heart and that is all that matters. You watch, something bigger and better will come your way because you have opened up the flow of giving and receiving.”


Two days later her and her friend earned $128 busking. She was stoked to have lived that lesson, and most importantly, she earned that money instead of finding it. So much more value to her soul. ❤️


Teach your kids respect

Our children’s attitude are reflections of how we take care of them as they grow. Teach them to be kind in a kind way. Teach them to respect in a respectful way. Teach them love by showing and telling them every day.


A thing to be thankful for…

Parenting is so freaking challenging, but being able to see the growth of your family and yourself is very fulfilling.


Some days I am ready for packing my bags and heading off solo – I won’t lie, but I know that these confrontations help me understand my own limitations better and give me an opportunity to nourish another soul. Family gives you a reason to wake up being thankful everyday. Love to you and your family today x


My Banjo

My guru ? He doesn’t always want to meditate with me and that’s fine, I love it when he does. He now knows when he gets cranky ?and full of emotion, five minutes on the cushion will bring him down ?.


Keep living by example beautiful people, your kids pay more attention to your actions and methods of dealing with things than you may realise. Then when they’re in a similar situation they mimic you. Be an example to these amazing little critters that are our future. Big love to you today ❤️