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Signs From The Universe

Sign From The Universe

She speaks to you always… the only thing you need to do



I had the most amount of fun writing the latter chapters of my book. The first six chapters were essential but were based on the harder situations I faced; losing a child, sexual abuse, addictions and working hard to get my health back,

Then I got to relive the joy of receiving my signs, finding peace within my heart and healing as I wrote the second half of the book. 

I want to share with a little story from my book, Diggin’ Your Dark Side. Where I was told my baby Braith was communicating to me..

Excerpt – Diggin’ Your Dark Side Chapter Twelve;

While strolling the tranquil streets of Katoomba one lazy weekend, browsing through quaint shops and enjoying the lack of agenda, I perused through a card stand of a cute little cottage transformed into a nick-knack boutique. I was opening cards and giggling to myself at the punch lines and quirky messages enclosed.

I read the front of one card and opened it, smiling, ready to be amused, as a tiny white feather gently fell before me, delicately swaying in the breeze until it landed at my feet.

At first, I thought this was a part of the cards punchline. However, when I read the inside tagline, there was no connection. I continued my lazy saunter to the other side of the street where I stumbled across a natural health store. Always an interest to me, so I meandered in. There was a clairvoyant in the back area of the shop. She asked me, ‘Do you see feathers?’

I was astonished at this question as moments ago, I would have answered no; but having just sighted one in such a peculiar way on the other side of the street, I responded, ‘Actually, I just did. It fell out of a card across the road as I was reading it.’

As the lady smiled gently at me, she informed me that this was how my son that passed away communicated with me.

Wow! I was amazed at all that had transpired in my quiet reflective day.

I found another feather inside my room later that day and now have a little collection of feathers that sit on my vanity. All of which came to me in bizarre ways. I do not follow birds and pluck their feathers or find them in obvious places such us under trees, their presence is always unexpected.

The week of the anniversary of my son’s passing, I found two unique feathers in my home. One was an opaque green with splashes of white, which was resting beside my bed.

I discovered it as I was crying, sitting on the edge of my bed, allowing the pain of my loss of Braith run through me. He was letting me know he was with me. The other I found in my family room while playing with Banjo; this was also days before Braith’s anniversary and moments after Banjo had advised me he too wanted to find feathers — I believe this one was for him.

Tuning in and asking for signs is now something I do always. I have complete faith in my signs and listen intently.

I also share in my book my Eagle. A sign I requested, the majesty of the Eagle gives me reassurance, I see them whenever I am at a crossroads and I feel peace and sense of direction from their presence.

More recently (post writing my book) I was at a Gabby Bernstein workshop. She told us to pray for a sign, and as I did my inner voice said

“Ask for an Owl this time” which is very odd. I’ve never swayed from my feather or Eagle before.

But, when you have experienced as many miracles as I have, you learn not to doubt or question.. faith is natural.

The very next morning I couldn’t sleep. I got up at 4am to practise yoga, meditate and connect in to my highest self. I picked up my Angel Cards and the first card I drew had a beautiful Owl centre front with the title, Wise Decision. I knew instantly this was what I needed to see. I had been feeling myself pull in a different direction the last few months. My goal and vision of being an international spiritual teacher was subsiding and I was taking great pleasure in being behind the curtain… supporting other leaders be their best and encouraging them to speak their truth.

Seeing an Owl was powerful. My Eagle will always be profound to me, but for this particular scenario, seeing a Wise old Owl, looking calmly at me, letting me know that I am making decisions that are in the highest good for all, was what I needed. 

I have so many stories like this I want to share with you at the final three part series of Diggin Your Dark Side uncovered.

Either join me live Thursday 18 June 2020 6.30pm or watch the recording here. 

Biggest of love,

Melinda xo


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