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Relax and trust the process

I Got What I Wanted

And then didn't trust the process.

Three months ago I prayed for a health retreat.

Don't tell them (it's our secret), but I wanted some space from my family. Your typical Mother story, nothing exciting or different I just felt like I was doing everything for everyone and was completely unappreciated and burnt out.

Funds are tight whilst we budget for our renovations and get the Sanctuary pumping again post COVID so I wanted it for free. A bit cheeky I know, but hey, I do a lot for others so I'm learning to realise my self worth like all us ladies should.

I deserve it

(my new mantra, you should try it)

So off my prayer went into the ether and six weeks later Elysia Health Retreat got in touch and we organised a Health by Design retreat for last week. It was a working retreat but I felt super grateful, four nights in a king bed to myself watching kangaroos bounce by my room... magic.

My goal was to write a good chunk of my book, swim, meditate, do yoga, exercise and reset when I wasn't presenting.

When I got there, it was crickets. Only ONE person put their hand up to do my specialty retreat. I was pretty gutted. Felt rejected. All those things.

I thought I would come home, I didn't see the point in staying.

I was ready to hand back this beautiful gift the Universe gave me. I asked for a retreat, got it and then went to leave because it didn't go to MY plan.

After an hour or so of sulking, I snapped myself out of it. Thought outside the square and networked with the guests to find out that they all loved the sound of Health by Design, they just didn't want to sacrifice six hours for it when there was plenty else to do.


So we thought on our feet, tweaked the model to one one sessions and I hung around for the week.

It was an amazing experience.

The Universe had planned this for me I'm sure.

I spent four hours in consults and the rest of the time was mine. 

I wrote six chapters of my manuscript, spent plenty of time moving my body, met wonderful people, soaked up the sun and even squeezed in some Gabby Bernstein online learning.

It was bliss

And bonus; we learnt from this. There's a long list of "for next time" notes we made to improve the offer and we'll do it for reals early next year.

The moral of todays story is, keep throwing your desires out there, but remember that it may not always be as you thought... but that just means the Universe has something better in mind for you... don't pack up your toys too early, you might miss the wonderful surprise. 


Biggest love

Melinda xo

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