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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Colds & Flu

As you step outside and feel the cool breeze, you hold on your jacket to protect yourself from the chilly weather. However, due to a lot of factors, you still get sick or “catch the virus.” When this happens, you need to act fast. Together with proper hydration, rest and sleep, here are some natural solutions that can help you beat this sensational disease. Echinacea can do wonders in strengthening your immune system. Together with andrographis, it can quickly get rid of bacteria and common cold viruses as it has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Boost your immune system by increasing intake of vitamin C, E, and Z (citrus fruits such as lemon, seafood, sunflower kernels, aloe vera juice, leafy greens, tomatoes, almonds, hazelnuts, eggs and corn). Make the most of the sunny days by exposing your body to the sun for 15-25 minutes every day for vitamin D. When mucus in the nasal cavities is giving you a hard time to breathe, inhaling the steam from hot water with eucalyptus oil is good for clearing the sticky mucus. Don’t let the colds and flu prevent you from enjoying this cold season. For more helpful tips check out Melinda’s book of home remedies – The Natural Path. Available on Amazon or click the buy now to be sent a copy to your door (Australian residents only. Contact us for international postage)

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