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Mindfulness: the Practice of Being Present

Have you ever felt that your life has lost its meaning? That you are just existing and not really living? If you do, you need to step back, evaluate yourself, and most importantly, shift your perspective.

A useful tool when shifting your perspective is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is using the mind to appreciate every moment as it occurs, or it is simply being present. It might be simple to do, yet it takes practice in order to make it a habit.

This principle can be applied to all aspects of your life. For example, when eating your meal, make the choice to turn off your phone or avoid watching TV; don’t do other tasks as you chew. When you’re eating, just eat. Chew slowly and enjoy each flavor and texture of your food.

When walking in the park, take in each step and fragrance around you, heighten all your senses, inspect every veins in a leaf. When talking to your loved ones, give them your full attention, watch the creases in their smile, and invest in every word they say. Take in the moment and avoid living in the past or future.

How can we be caught up in anxiety and fear if we focus on these simple joyful pleasures? We can only radiate from a place of peace and happiness when we are mindful of our every moment.

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