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Why juicing??

When you juice, the work has been taken out of your stomachs hands (if it had them). All those nutrients and enzymes are hitting your gut ready to be used.


The fibre has been stripped out (nothings perfect) so that’s why my Juicing Cleanse is a balance of cooked wholesome food, juicing, broths and smoothies.

The cleanse will be modified for your body type and current health.


Benefit greatly from a predominant ‘liquid diet’ to reset


Will need to have more solid foods incorporated


Will need BCAA’s to support the cleanse.

And of course, juicing alone ain’t going to fix anything.

I’ll support you along the way with mindfulness and meditation tools and give you yoga practises to support your body and mind.

Pre detox kicks off 1 January and we get stuck into it 7 January for 18 days.

You also get support for 8 days post detox so there’s no re-toxing happening ?

From day 1 – 6 Pre Detox

  • Questions to ask yourself to get your mind ready
  • Find your souls desires for 2021 and use your cleanse to get you energised to achieve them
  • Nutritional support for the lead up to limit the side effects of cleansing
  • How to get your pantry detox ready
  • What to do with your family meals whilst you’re on a health kick
  • Get your pantry ready

From day 7 – 24 Juice Cleanse

  • PDF Juice and evening meals Recipe book
  • Online support
  • Daily Yoga Kriyas that support your detox
  • Meditations to keep you aligned with your WHY

From day 25 – 31 NO-retox

  • This is where most people come unstuck, I’ll help you ease back into meals
  • A 12 month plan to avoid re-toxing (and what to do if you accidentally do!)
  • Mind strategies to stay aligned with your health goals

Melinda is a Naturopath, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Reiki Healer, Meditation Teacher, Fitness Specialist, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur.

This juice cleanse combines her knowledge across all areas of health to create a detox that has you covered from the prep phase to way after your cleanse is done.

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In a nutshell, talk to your Doctor first

Before you commence this or any juice cleanse please consult your Doctor.

This form of cleansing is not appropriate for anyone with kidney disease, pre diabetes or diabetes or on blood thinning medication.

There maybe other conditions that do not suit the diet suggested so please share your intentions with your GP before you commence.