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Manifest like a Mo’ Fo

Manifest like a Mo’ fo

A little story…
I created myself a mind movie, which is a modern-day vision board. On it, I have an image and words, Fly first class. I am not a materialistic person. I don’t care for possessions but I do like comfort and experiences – that is more my thing.

I also have a terrible track record with flying. In 2002 I was flying home from Canada, 3 months pregnant with my first child. My fiancé stayed longer to enjoy the rest of the snowboarding season that the morning sickness had made unenjoyable for me (and the fear of a stack that would hurt my baby). So I was flying alone. When the plane landed, I stood up to get off and blanked out. I woke up, laying on a row of seats, the plane completely empty with the staff surrounding me and a Doctor. I had been out cold for 30 minutes.

Then flying back from Thailand in 2010 I had a mini stroke on the flight. My body convulsed before passing out and again, woke up in business class with a throbbing headache and spent the next 3 months back and forth with tests that luckily showed no long-term damage.

Flying to America two years ago I had a stomach bug kick in when we took off and passed out again mid flight and had an oxygen mask on for the rest of the flight. I was wheel chaired off the plane as my blood pressure wasn’t coming back to normal.

Flying home from Japan last year I vomited the whole way home. Delightful.

So.. it is fair to say, I am not a good flyer!

That is why I really want to be in a position to fly first-class… and because it looks pretty pimp up there!!

Almost straight after adding that to my vision for myself I was booking flights for the families end of year trips. Glen and his kids are going to England Boxing Day to spend a few weeks with his family in Leeds. And I was offered an amazing opportunity to help my Mum on one of her Dancing school Disneyland tours as a guide in exchange for free flights and accommodation for my boys and I.

Glen and I decided to be opportunistic and for me to fly 30 December to meet him in Switzerland for a quick play in the snow while his kids were enjoying family time in England and my boys would be visiting their Dads family in QLD before coming home and flying to America with my Mum to meet me there. Confused????? That is our life! Juggle juggle juggle.

So, our plan was to use frequent flyer points for Glen and his kids flights, to pay for me to fly to Zurich and then on to LA to meet my kids and Mum would cover my flight home. Sounded like a cheap way to do a FABULOUS trip for all.

But.. we were 20,000 points short of being able to book Glen and kids to England. So we paid for them with a cheap airline via woo flung dung and long waiting times (Sorry Glen!!) and thought we would use the points for me to get to Switzerland and LA.

I jumped on Qantas frequent flyers to use the points… and the only economy seats were either 2 weeks before Christmas or a month after I needed to be there. There was no Business class either. Only seats left were…. wait for it…….


And it required the same points we had used to upgrade to Premium economy back from Japan last year!!!

Of course, I felt bad. Glen flying with three kids via China and Amsterdam in cattle class but… oh my lord am I excited for my first class experience!!

First class is not something that is on our budget but I put it out there and it cameo me in a different way.

I wanted to share that story with you (as confusing and long winded as it was!) to show that we do not need to worry about the details.  Don’t worry if something is out of your budget or feels too hard to understand HOW it could possibly happen for you. It just will. Put it out there. Trust it is yours and keep creating action in the right direction to verify your order.

Happy manifesting mo’ fo’s

Big love,

Melinda xc

If you want to have more convo’s with me like this, join me at the next Collective.

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