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Love The Skin You’re In


Shouting out to all you women

out there that


their bodies...


You’re body is amazing.

It can build a human… Incredible. 

Your ankles are perfect. Your thighs are amazing. 

Your stretch marks are a timeline. A beautiful reminder of your path. 

Thin and thick, we are all worthy. 

All you robust women out there be proud. You are a woman. You have strength.

You have a soft body for your loved ones to nestle into and you are a giving and nurturing being that puts others ahead of yourself. 

Girls out there that feel thin or lanky... you are an intuitive, intelligent woman. Stand proud.

And if you feel short or frumpy, that's not who you are... you are a woman that we are all drawn to. You have a way that makes everyone feel like they've known you forever. Your smile lights up our lives. 

It’s time the story changes...

Not thin vs. fat. 

It’s all women standing together.

No matter what size. 

You’re shape defines you. And as long as you feel healthy and happy then you are your perfect weight and size. 

Let go of clenching your cheeks together when you talk to look more defined...

Stop taking fifty photos to find your perfect angle... you are perfect no matter where you stand. 

And please, fucking please, stop thinking you have to live up to the “perfect woman” you have created in your mind. 

She doesn’t exist. 

Just do you. 

And you will do great.

Ever since I stopped feeling embarrassed about my size 14 arse I notice people look at me differently.

I honestly thought I was getting ignored now because I wasn't thin and fit anymore, No one is drawn to the fatty in the crowd.

Turns out, it was shame that was putting people off.

Now that I walk with my head held high, owning who I am in this moment, I notice I get those kind smiles again.

CRAZY huh?? 

I mean there's still people out there who judge me, but I don't let that effect me anymore.

I notice the look on peoples faces that haven't seen me in a while, trying to register what the F happened.. it use to cut like a knife, now I laugh at what  use going through their head.

I wish my boobs didn't choke me when I tried to do inversions and my thighs had a bit more of a gap to avoid friction on a hot summers day, but those issues are not the end of the world.

I am a robust beautiful woman with a big heart

and a savvy creative mind.

I don't need to be perfect.

I just need to trust myself. 


I want this for all you ladies out there that doubt your magic. 


You are freaking incredible.




You teach people how to treat you...

Whats your lesson going to be??


Big love ladies, we are all in this together. 





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