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Lost Your Purpose?

What to do when you feel like you’ve

lost your purpose in life?

Our purpose is what drives us and keeps us joyful,

so what the heck do you do when you lose your purpose?

The amazing news is, you cannot lose your purpose.

If you stand with your hand behind your back, your hand doesn’t disappear because you cannot see it,

the same goes for your purpose.

You may not feel connected to it at times, but it never leaves you.

Here are a few simple tips to feel your purpose.

Get out of your head

We are quite often caught in thought, when we over think things the banter in our minds talks straight over the whispers of our hearts.

Spend some time alone in a place that inspires you, head down the beach or go for a walk – whatever tickles your pickle.

Your mind is like that good intended friend that doesn’t shut the fun up. It’s trying to help, but quite often says the wrong thing and leads you astray.

So, if it tries to join you in this quiet place, let it feel useful, ask it to watch your breath.

Now as you breathe, be still and place your hand on your heart as it expands.

Get clear

Have a pen and paper handy and write down what fills you with excitement.

If it has been a while since you have felt passionate, just remember back to the times you did. Doodling and drawing images works too, whatever gets you feeling connected.

Get out of your own way

Once we stop being busy and allow our hearts to guide us, our purpose becomes clear. The only thing stopping us, is ourselves. If the mind starts to bring up fear, give it a job...

Watch the breath.

Now that it is preoccupied you can keep talking directly to your heart. This is where your purpose resides.

Go with the flow

Sometimes we expect to have a complete road map of where we are going and this isn't always the case.

I knew for a decade before I opened the Sanctuary that I would have a wellness something.. I had a knowing, but the details of what exactly it would be, how to establish it and where took their time coming to me. I had more knowledge to gain and step by step I got clarity around it.

And it continues to unfold itself as I grow, and allow the input of my team and members to shape it into something far more beautiful than I could've done on my own. 

Sometimes we think we are heading in one direction only to find out along the path that you embarked on that adventure for a completely different reason to what you thought... I grew up very passionate about dance and drama, I believed I was going to be an actress and dancer.

But it turned out my strong commitment to dance and drama lessons wasn't to be famous in Hollywood like my 10year old self dreamed of.

It was to teach me consistent commitment that has carried on throughout my adult life, musical and coordination skills that I use daily in my job and confidence to be in front of people speaking.. not shaking my booty!

Go figure.. I love how this transpired.  

Letting your life flow is a nice way to roll, know the direction and be happy with that. The rest falls into place and it is usually more magical than what you could've created in your own head.


SO spend time in your special place, calm your mind and journal away but know that your purpose is always there, doing its thing for you sometimes quietly in the background while you learn yet another skill.


Big love,


Melinda xo



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