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Conviction of Who You Are

Conviction of who you are

There’s one thing I notice consistently amongst people I love and look up to.

It is also a trait found in people whose ideas I don’t necessarily agree with, but I have respect for their virtue…

It is a complete conviction of their truth.

The most powerful influencers are unashamed of who they are.

Finding comfort in your own skin. Owning your ideals and values, sharing them with passion and conviction and never hesitating that your truth is worth sharing. That is all it takes to shine your radiance on this earth.


Many years ago, I was having a reflective conversation with my brother, discussing world views and unbeknown to me I kept saying “they believe” before I shared my concepts on life. My brother picked up on this choice of redirect in my vocab and stated boldly as he always does “Don’t say they believe, you believe it. Own it

It was one of those insignificant moments in time, that ironically was quite significant. Don’t you love those simple conversations or moments that would mean nothing to an outsider looking in or even the person you are with, but to you, it triggered something deeply within?

And you changed slightly forever because of that insight or experience? This was one for me.

I always hid behind a panel of protection for what I believed in, sharing I learnt this or isn’t this idea interesting… never owning it fully.

I kept secret that my belly stirred when I thought about seeing the world change in my lifetime, for love to become the default setting of human beings instead of fear.

That angels and mystical experiences are real. That I believe whole heartedly in GOD; An infinite energy field that created all of us, that we will return to after this lifetime or many more. That life is just a dream, an insignificant blip of time. And even that time isn’t actually real either. A concept we have created to maintain order and a sense of linear existence.

That shit scared me to own. It sounds crazy and woo woo to so many. The judgement of being a weirdo bothered me so much that I would hesitate, laugh off my ideas and belittle myself.

From this, I had people around me that I didn’t truly resonate with. I mean, how could I attract like-minded weirdos when I was trying to come across normal?

I had beautiful friends but there was a click missing. A depth that I was longing for.

The conversation with my brother changed me. I started to stand firm in my beliefs and let go of the fear of being judged and ridiculed. I began speaking openly to more people about my concepts, and I started to attract like-minded people.

I found that, by sharing unapologetically who I was, even people not usually down with all this rainbows and butterflies crap started to open up just a little to a different way of thinking.

I mean, I do get teased. That is always going to happen. No matter if you’re being yourself or trying to be someone else, you will trigger something in a collective of people. That is inevitable. So you may as well do it being true to yourself. You can’t please everyone so just focus on your message and your tribe you connect with.

I noticed this when I wrote my second book, Diggin Your Dark Side. I had beautiful, heart-warming reviews and emails from my tribe. The people walking the same kinda path.

And then I had two one-star reviews on Good Reads. Of course it made my belly drop when I saw two people hated my book. But when I had a look at their profile, I completely understood why.
It was a good feeling once my ego let go of wanting everyone to like me.


These people had completely different ideals and values to me. It was a compliment really.

It meant my message was clear and focused. That I spoke to those who wanted to hear and rejected by those on a different journey. It meant I was being true to myself and not writing words just to please everybody. To be “accessible”.

And this is what living by your authentic truth means. You find your tribe. You make deep connections with people who will rock your world. You will open up doors for others on the verge of a similar path. You will shine your light as you were supposed to.

You will trigger those you are supposed to trigger and be triggered by worthy opponents too.

But it all feels less confronting because you have a conviction of who you are.

Not in an asshole, screw the world, I am who I am kinda way. Not in a I won’t change for anybody way either.

An acceptance and knowing of who you are. Open to the idea that your truth is exactly that… it is YOUR TRUTH, no one else’s. There is no right or wrong way to see the world.

But you don’t need to hide who you are, the world needs your perspective, it is a part of this huge jigsaw puzzle we are all figuring out together. You fit right where you are supposed to, there is a special place just for you.

Be all that.


Sat Nam
(translation; Truth is my identity)

Melinda xo

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