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Cheats to feeling great!


Life is full, fun and frantic. Health can be complex, confusing and consuming so I wanted to give you a little list of simple cheats to keep yourself feeling good when life gets you by the horns. Then, when the fluster is over, you can go back to being GREAT and not settling for good.

1. Get enough sleep!

Not enough sleep is part of the reason we suffer so bad with hangovers and feel so damn exhausted throughout the day. Ensure you get your Zzzz’s in. If you have a big night planned or a mean to do list keeping you up late at night, ensure you balance it with a more restful day to follow or time to catch up on the weekend. Lack of sleep creates sugar cravings as the same chemical is released in hunger as in tiredness so to avoid shovelling the junk in your gob, make sleep a priority.

How much sleep is good?? We are all different. There are so many different points of view on the topic of quantity. My belief is, just as we all have different exercise and nutritional needs, we all have different needs for sleep. If you function well with 7 hours a night, then aim for this. Most of us need around 8 hours a night to have that spring in our step. If you can only manage 6 hours a night then try to have a quick 20 minute power nap in the day. 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time to rest. You should wake up spritely from your kip if you keep it short and sweet. If you over do it, you will most likely wake feeling worse than when you put your head down.

2. Keep hydrated

If you are socialising a lot and have a fancy glass in your hand, try to alternate this tasty beverage with a refreshing glass of water or coconut water. Water based foods are also key to keeping hydrated so enjoying foods such as; watermelon, cucumber, tomato, celery and iceberg lettuce. These foods will help hydrate your body further.

If you are on the run, make it a habit to have a water bottle in your hand at all times, take it everywhere with you. You may need visual reminders if you have a bad habit of forgetting to drink and eventually it will be habitual. Don’t stress about the extra visits to the bathroom, your body will slowly become use to the higher volume of fluids and this will ease up quickly.

3. Get connected

If you feel caught up in your to do list or events calendar then grounding yourself is a daily must. It is so easy to lose connection to your purpose, passion and happiness. Things that should be a pleasure are just another thing you “have” to do. Grounding yourself can take as little as 5 minutes and can be done in a multitude of ways;

Take one minute out of your day to focus on your breath, and smile as you do so. This simple practise is so beneficial in helping you slow your mad monkey mind down and give yourself space in your otherwise cluttered day.

 Get outside in nature barefoot to earth yourself. The earth vibrates at a loving frequency and when you connect to this energy with your physical body, you vibrate at this frequency too. Earthing not only benefits your mental health, it has physical impacts too. Earthing helps reduce inflammation, snoring, negative ions and much more.

• Meditation is so profound. If you are new to meditation try an app. Omvana, Headspace and my fav, Insight timer are all brilliant apps you can install for guided meditations on almost anything you require help with from sleep issues, stress and anxiety.

4. Power foods

Not all foods are created equal. Some foods are jam packed full of nutrients which will boost your energy supply and keep you powering on through your day. Having foods from each section daily will help your bod get the job done;

1. Soaked chia seeds, walnuts, almonds, sunflower kernels and pumpkin seeds (nuts and seeds need to be combined for a complete protein)
2. Kale and green leafy vegetables
3. Avocados, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, wild caught salmon, tuna (limit tuna to 1-2 x per week) or barramundi
4. Cacao, coconut water, kelp, seafood, himalayan rock salt and iodised salts
5. Eggs, brewers yeast and grass fed red meat

Most of these can be thrown into a smoothie for breakfast and salad for lunch making it easy to stay healthy through your busy periods.

5. Move your body

Exercise doesn’t have to be a hard slog at the gym. If you are pushed for time, try an at home routine or a walk around the block. You can also try working outside (job permitting) or standing and stretching your muscles while you type, the idea is to keep blood flowing around your body and to stay alert and energized. Exercise is quite often the first thing we drop from our to do list when things get chaotic, which is probably not the best call considering exercise is what helps us function better and stay focused for longer. Our productivity is reliant upon how much we move so keep as active as you can.

So there is five simple ways to help you from falling deep into “Binge and neglect” mode in those busy periods. Another simple way to help your bod along is to supplement with or include B vitamin rich foods in your diet and take a herbal complex that supports your liver. Just remember, if you forgot to put petrol in your car – it wouldn’t get you where you want to go and the same goes for your body. Put in what you want to get out and feel how energised you will be.

Happy festivities friends

Disclaimer: Advise is general in nature and does not take into consideration  any conditions, illnesses, intolerance’s, allergies and other medical conditions. To be aware of your health requirements it is best to speak to a practitioner before engaging in any new routine or nutritional program.

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