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Breaking the habit of old you

If you’re like most, by this time of the year you’ve already set yourself a ‘resolution.’ The thing with resolutions is they tend to come with pressure, expectation and sometimes unrealistic achievements. What tends to happen is our New Year’s resolutions make us feel deflated and defeated. Why? Because they don’t truly align with what is needed AND what is truly desired on a deeper level. Hands up if you’ve set an intention to lose weight, to be ‘thinner’ or to fit into your ‘skinny’ pants? I can see all of the hands raising 😉 Let’s first understand there is … Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Break from Working Out

This doesn’t sound like a Melinda rant!! Don’t you all wish you heard me say that mid spin class 🙂 Of course, exercise is a HUGE part of my life and an integral part of my message of wellness. However, like most things in life, more is not better. Getting the right balance of busting your butt, doing soulful movements and flat out bed rest is vital for your overall health.Not convinced yet? Didn’t think you would be so I came prepared. Here are 5 reasons that will help you see why taking a break is important to your overall … Read More

How to Cut Sugar Out of Your Diet Permanently

You feel a little low, you reach for a chocolate. You need an energy life so you carb up. PMS, well anything goes really, a good combination of all this and more. Sugar gives us a hit, let’s face it. Its little boost of dopamine and the rush of sugar in our blood makes us feel alive. But… there is always a but! In the long run sugar creates the opposite result we were after. It leads to all sorts of health problems including lethargy, obesity and diabetes.It is a tough one to get off but with alternatives to reach … Read More

Cheats to feeling great!

Life is full, fun and frantic. Health can be complex, confusing and consuming so I wanted to give you a little list of simple cheats to keep yourself feeling good when life gets you by the horns. Then, when the fluster is over, you can go back to being GREAT and not settling for good.1. Get enough sleep!Not enough sleep is part of the reason we suffer so bad with hangovers and feel so damn exhausted throughout the day. Ensure you get your Zzzz’s in. If you have a big night planned or a mean to do list keeping you … Read More

Go With Your Gut: Balancing Bacteria for Optimal Health

There’s more to you than you think! Or less, depending on how you look at it… If you thought the human population was crazy large, ponder this… On {and in} every single one of us is billions of bacteria and fungus thriving and populating their tribe as we go about our day. We cannot survive without them; they assist with the creation of chemicals for mood, motivation and love. They’re also critical for immune function, keeping nasty bacteria and viruses away and help us breakdown our foods and absorb the nutrients from it. The balance of the different cultures is … Read More
Active Through Winter Article

The Importance of Keeping Active Through Winter

During the cooler months, it is easy to choose a comfortable pair of pyjamas and laze up in bed with your favourite movie than to go to the gym for your workout routine. Contrary to popular belief, metabolism during winter is firing high. Now is the best time to take advantage of this peak in your metabolism. When the weather is colder, the body is usually in hyper-drive to keep us warm, thus there is increase in the basal metabolic rate. This is the perfect opportunity to step up your fitness game, shed those stubborn fat stores and keep the … Read More
relaxing bath

How’s your sleep?

How good does it feel climbing into bed after a huge day, getting all snug and cuddling into your pillow or partner, or for the non snugglers,  spreading out like a star fish and owning the space? How vexing is it when we lay there tossing and turning, going over shopping lists and tomorrows activities for hours on end before getting a wink of sleep only to wake in the wee hours of the morning for more practise at our bed gymnastics routine of tossing and turning? If you sleep well, stop reading, give yourself a high five and enjoy your day, … Read More