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Breaking the habit of old you

If you’re like most, by this time of the year you’ve already set yourself a ‘resolution.’ The thing with resolutions is they tend to come with pressure, expectation and sometimes unrealistic achievements. What tends to happen is our New Year’s resolutions make us feel deflated and defeated. Why? Because they don’t truly align with what is needed AND what is truly desired on a deeper level.

Hands up if you’ve set an intention to lose weight, to be ‘thinner’ or to fit into your ‘skinny’ pants? I can see all of the hands raising 😉 Let’s first understand there is nothing wrong with this type of intention but, it’s not heart felt and it’s not addressing the habits that are keeping us stuck. Remember the saying, ‘How we spend our days is how we spend our life?’ So how are you spending your days? What habits are you creating as you focus on the end result of how you will look? As human beings we connect much more to a feeling; we are truly striving for the feeling, rather than the size. You with me?

We want to be healthier because we want to boost our energy, feel better about ourselves, go to more social events and feel more loved up when we go shopping for a new dress or pair of jeans. We are chasing the feeling not the number on the scale or the size of our waist. But yet, we still believe we will be happier when we finally reach the number on the scale we’ve been working hard for, and you’re right we do feel better, but the feeling comes from being satisfied, proud of all the hard work, commitment and consistency we have put in.

This feeling, which we can also call our WHY, along with creating new healthy habits, is what keeps us going through the challenging times. It’s great to lose weight in 6 weeks but have we actually created new habits to keep this a lasting road to who we want to be?

I want to share with you how to set a heartfelt intention. This is something that gets your soul on board, and when she is with you... you are unstoppable!

Step 1 CLARITY Defining your why

Let’s create some crystal clear clarity. Why is it that you want to lose weight? Because it will give you more energy, make you feel stronger? What will it feel like for you when you achieve your goal? Is it really about losing the weight or is it about creating a specific feeling... I can promise it is the feeling you want. Do you want to feel confident, energised, wear whatever you like and stop missing out on events because you are lacking in confidence? These are your real WHY's. This is your true motivation.

Take some time to sit quietly and really feel into this. This step will make it much easier to stay focused when all you want to do is eat that snickers.


Let’s look back to step one. Are the habits you are fostering right now helping you creating the feeling you desire? Reflect and be real, get honest with yourself here. By recognising the habit, you are then able to break it and lay the foundation for a new, healthier habit. Are you snoozing through your alarm every morning? Are you buying your lunch everyday and having sugar loaded foods? Feeling overloaded and overstimulated?

Remember, small things lead to BIG results. When the going gets tough do you get going or do you shrink and do nothing? How do you show up for yourself? Are you happy with how you showed up?

Now that we’ve gotten honest and clear about your real WHY and WHAT you are currently creating for yourself, it’s time to create some new magic. Remember, you can create and manifest what you desire whenever you want to however, you’re not going to manifest anything if you aren’t willing to do the work.

Step 3 How to set a heartfelt goal?

    • •Your goals must inspire you and give you butterflies
    • •Your goals must be heartfelt
    • •Your goals must be in alignment with you and not something you think you ‘should’ do or achieve because someone else or society believes you should.
    • •Use inspiring words. ‘Lose weight’ probably isn’t going to get you to the gym even when you don’t want to. Instead try ‘wake up feeling strong, vibrant and full of life.’ Instead of ‘be less stressed’ try ‘to move through my days with peace, ease and grace.’

Set your goals/intentions

Create your goal

Firstly, ask yourself;

What are 1 – 3 health goals you would like to achieve?

What are 1 – 3 movement goals you would like to achieve

What are 1 – 3 soul goals you would like to achieve?

How do you want to feel this year? (this is a biggie)

What are 1 – 3 old habits you want to break and why?

What are 1 – 3 new habits you want to create and why?

Now, based on your above answer create 3 game changing goals. This is not to be rushed, please take your time. It’s all in the preparation.

Step 4 Accountability buddy.

Get someone who will encourage you but also call you on your crap. Tell them what you intend to achieve and when by. Having someone in on your big plans helps keep you accountable. We have got your back on this one, if you want help, we would LOVE to see you in our Six Week Challenge. Click here for info on this transformational habit breaking / forming program.

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