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Angel Cards

My God have I changed from wild nights out, dancing and partying the night away in my younger years.

I have gone from loving the latest DJ’s to listening to classical and meditation music most of the time (when the kids allow me to). I have an audio book going in the car or while I am cooking the family dinner trying to learn more spiritually and educate myself on human physiology and illness.

Instead of waking up with a hangover and headache, I start my day feeling grateful, reaching out for my angel cards and using their beautiful words of wisdom and encouragement to set my theme for the day.

Angel Cards are a trippy thing! I never thought I’d be into this sort of schmucky stuff. But I can tell you, when someone bought me my first deck after Braith passed, I liked the comfort they gave me, whenever I shuffled them I would draw a card that would make me feel a little better inside than what I had before reading it. There is never any “Life is hard, go back to bed” cards in there. All the words help you lift into a more positive state, even if you think that they are absolute crap. Regardless if you feel they’re connected to your guides or higher energy. It doesn’t really matter, there is a beautiful message that you can start your day with. That is what’s important. Getting those positive words flowing into you before any negative banter can strike.

I first became committed to angel cards when I was on my way to do a gym class 12 years ago with my one-year old son Oska. I had always had them on my bedside table since gifted to me but used them rarely and just as a form of positive thinking. I grabbed the middle card from the deck whimsically as I was walking out the door with Oska on my hip. The card said I should expect a new addition to the family. I knew that it was possible I was pregnant so I did a pregnancy test that morning and lo and behold, I was!

This was when I first decided that there must be something in them and now they have become a daily ritual for me. For the last month I have been receiving the same card every day, Steady progress. Everyday I was being reminded that I am making steady progress and this has been so fitting for how I had been feeling. I needed to hear this, it helps me focus on my wins and not drown in overwhelm of the long journey I still have to achieve what I want in this life.

I never thought I would write an article about something so woo woo, but I wanted to share how they have helped me stay in a positive and uplifted mind frame. Today I drew the Commitment card, the first day of the month where I didn’t get my Steady progress card, and again this was so fitting for how I felt this morning waking up in a tizz, racing around fixing things in my work place organising children and feeling like I was just a little a ball of energy whirling about with no direction or outcome insight. But having a look at my commitment card this morning I recognised that this is exactly what I wanted to do right now. I need be to committing to my family and helping them grow, I need to be committing to my staff and helping them grow, I need to be committing to the work that I have set out to achieve and I need to ignore that niggly voice that creeps up inside when I start to focus on the menial tasks that are required to get there.

So people, even if you think Angels and angel cards are a load of crap and even if you think that there is no higher power and this is just it, you are just flesh, the skin and when you are dead, you are dead that’s cool, they could still be a beautiful asset to your morning routine just having a nice uplifting word or statement that sets your theme for the day so you don’t just charge about with no direction and conviction. Give them a go.

Big love, 


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