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Am I Getting Old??

Am I Getting Old,

Or are we women dancing dangerously 

with becoming nothing more than pretty ornaments 


Girls, I believe with all my heart, that if you're older self (if she evolves) could speak to you now she would say something similar to this;


You're wasting precious moments in time by trying to get the perfect photo. You went to beautiful places and posed, you weren't present. 

You have so much to give, so much spiritual and emotional intelligence that's needed RIGHT NOW, please share this. Not your fake tanned arse. 

Be different.

Just because your friends are doing it, doesn't mean you need to.

In fact, if you choose to be different, and you do it with confidence, they will follow you

Who do you want to be?

The Shepard or the sheep??

You're a unique woman with an inner beauty, share more of her. 


It saddens me to witness girls and women alike under value themselves...

and then project this onto other women.

Totally not cool.


Someone very close to me suggested 'my poor husband' because I've put on weight. She was implying fat girls aren't worthy of love.

I could've got offended by this.

But I didn't.

I felt sad that this is how little some women think of themselves. 

How horrible to think all you have to offer is a small waistline. And if you lose that, you've got nothing.

My lucky husband has a great wife. Yes, he's got extra bits to snuggle, but boobs are great pillows!! 🙂


Some might say, 'You're pissed that you're not a spring chicken anymore' and that's why I have this attitude.

Or, because I don't have an arse that would be desirable in a g-string...

Fair enough too. I'm 40 (and proud) and a size 14 (and accepting).


I believe my younger self with all her perky and tight bits would've felt the same....

We're gambling dangerously with our worth.

I've felt strongly about this for a while and held off voicing it for not wanting to offend all the gorgeous women I know and love, who I KNOW have so much to give this world but choose to participate in all the bullshit on social media.

But that's the thing about freedom of speech right?

Not everyone is going to like what I have to say, that doesn't take away my choice to voice.

And I have too much love and belief in my sisters to keep quiet. 


Women are needed right now.

The world has been in a masculine, hierarchical system fuelled by power and greed for generations.

It's time for the feminine to balance this energy and create equilibrium.


The women before us faced countless challenges to create the world we live in today.

Imagine being burnt alive because of your intuitive ability?

Imagine your husband having the right to strike you?

Imagine not having a say in who leads your nation?

Imagine being sold at a young age by your own parents?



I mean, some of this exploitation is still going on in the world. Us ladies are so blessed to live in this time, in this place, so it's our responsibility to use this advantage wisely.


To continue making changes to the culture of humanity that will benefit ALL. 


How can we do this when we're too busy filtering ourselves on social media?


It's really gotta stop. Seriously. 

Social media is a gift. Being able to communicate to people across the world, share ideas outside mainstream media and let your loved ones see your adventures in real time so they feel like they're with you.

How amazing is that?

But instead, some people choose to use it in a way that's ugly.

SO let's stop blaming technology and have a good hard look at ourselves.

Ask yourself; 

Do I get anxious in my belly when I take a photo of myself waiting for approval of others?

Is seeing 'likes' or new follows what drives me?

And when I don't, is it the catalyst of unworthy self-talk or negative feelings?

Do I hunt for great backgrounds, strike a pose and forget to take in the magical setting before me?

Do I take a selfie and then write a dumb arse caption that has NO connection to the photo, nor is it making anyone who reads it feel good or educated or thought provoked from reading / seeing my post? 

If any of those are resonating, then guess what sunshine, some tough love're a part of the problem. 


Of course it's your choice to showcase yourself as you choose. And if you feel beautiful in an outfit or an eye patch between your butt cheeks, then great. Good on you... put it out there. Just please, think about what you're doing. How you're spending your time, what you're putting into the world.

If you're self-obsessing


loving and giving to others. 

Think if all your photoshopping, filtering and 'look at me' images are making some other girl feel crap, inadequate and unworthy.

We're in this together, we have a responsibility to shine our inner beauty, to support each other and not take this beautiful privilege of our lives for granted. It's essential for us to continue forwards with the momentum our sisters before us created.

Do you really want to be the generation that fucked it??? 

I don't.

I want to be the generation that carried the torch home.

I want to be in the sisterhood that valued what was handed to us (pretty much on a silver platter) and had something worthwhile to say and do.

No one is going to remember you for taking a thousand selfies that had shit catch phrases... except as a joke.

EVERYONE will remember you for being bold.


We're better than this friends.

Let's share true beauty with our world.




Biggest love

Melinda xo

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